(Sequel to Emily)
After such a tragic death, the boys of One Direction are heart shattered. Yet, there is no time to mourn because Louis and Harry still have to be parents. But as time progresses, they both realize, along with the other boys, that having that responsibility is a challenge. More importantly, they start to realize that letting go and acceptance is difficult when you are broken.


18. Chapter 16

POV Harry


I turned to see Louis standing in the doorway, his face pale. Her cold hands still remained on my face and I felt the breath hitch in my throat. This isn't possible.

She closed her eyes, tears sliding down her cheeks and down to her black tank top. She seemed thinner than usual, her ribs sticking through the thin piece of fabric. Then again, it's been thirteen years.

"God I missed you guys so much." Anna whispered. "It took me so long to get here." Her voice soothed me, and I stood up, bringing her close to me. Tears already dampened my skin.

"How are you here? I saw your dead body. Anna what is going on?" My voice came out flustered and relived, foreign to my lips.

"My mother." She whimpered. "I tried to come back but we were in America and I couldn't get here and I'm sorry. Please don't leave me."

I lifted her chin to face me. "I'm never going to leave you."

She nodded and brought her lips to mine. The feeling was amazing and I could feel the hole in my heart slowly mending. It didn't matter where she was all these years or why she was pronounced dead yet here she is, all that mattered was that I had her back in my arms.

"Anna." Louis whispered walking slowly over to us. She smiled and jumped into his arms, her face nuzzling into the crane of his neck. They sobbed melodically and I sat back down, trying to comprehend everything.

POV Anna

I missed them so much. All those years stuck with my mother in the darkness, wishing, praying, I could see them again finally came true. Louis and Harry looked so much older, but they didn't lose their charming looks.

"I held you at the hospital, you weren't alive. Anna. Anna don't ever leave me. I'm lost without you." Louis whispered in my ear. Every word slowly killed me. If there was one thing I remember from the last day with them, it's the fact that I heard Louis talking to me. The darkness was clouding me and I knew I was alive, I just couldn't open my eyes. He was screaming and kissing me and I would've rather dead than hear him in that state of desperation and devastation.

"I'm sorry I broke my promise."

"Gosh, I thought I'd never be able to hold you again." He squeezed me tighter, kissing the top of my head repeatedly.

"Where is everyone else?" I asked, finally looking up at his watery eyes. Oh, how I missed those bright blue orbs.

"Oh my god! The rest of the boys! And Emily and the twins!" Louis gasped at his realization. Emily. My baby girl. The twins who never got to meet me. The boys.

"I need to see them." I almost begged. I needed to see their faces.

"Of course." Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. Everything looked the same, the same bland paint and oak floors. But their seemed to be a few more doors than I remembered.

As soon as we reached the bottom of the stairs, I heard Niall's distinct laugh and I almost collapsed. I missed his laugh. I missed him.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Louis questioned squeezing my hand tighter. "I mean, you basically just came back from the dead and me and Harry still have no explanation."

I bit my lip. "I will tell you guys everything. I just need to see my family."

He nodded and guided me to the living room. I examined the lounging area to see Zayn and Niall sitting on the floor, their backs toward me. Laughs erupted from their lips as they watched the telly screen change picture. They looked so happy.

"Guys." Louis croaked. They whipped their heads around and their smiles dropped.

"Anna?" Zayn mumbled, rising to his feet. I nodded, new tears running down my face.

"But, your dead." Niall denied standing to his feet also. I shook my head and stepped closer to them, my hands finally finding their way to Zayn's torso. He gasped and pulled me close, his grip almost unbearable but I pushed my pain aside for this moment of pure joy. Being able to hug them again diminished all of the cruel aspects of my life in the past decade.

"Niall." I wailed, grabbing his hand and pulling him to me and Zayn. He squeezed me, sandwiching me between the two of them.

"How are you here? You were dead. You died in that hospital. What happened? Where have you been?" Niall babbled a million questions as I stared at his lips, watching them move quickly. It was the little things I missed the most, like the way Niall's pink lips moved when he walked or the way Louis constantly would play with my hair.

"My mother." I simply answered pulling away from them. "I'd like to explain but I haven't seen Liam or my children and I need to."

They nodded and directed me to the basement door. I bit my lip and walked towards the open door, the boys shadowing behind me.

Liam was sprawled across his bed, his hands behind his head. I bit my lip.

"Liam." I croaked. He whipped his head around and did something I didn't think he would do. He smiled.

"I knew you couldn't leave us." He grinned pulling me into a tight embrace.


"I couldn't possibly." I replied kissing his cheek.

"Dad! We're back!" A boy's voice called from upstairs. My eyes widened and before I knew what I was doing, I was racing up the stairs, the boys chasing after me. I sprinted to the foyer to find them. My children. The twins gave me a confused look. The front door opened again, and a teenage girl came in her blue green eyes meeting mine and widening. Her curly dirty blonde hair came down just below her elbows, framing her perfectly structured face. My daughter. My Emily.

"Who are you?" The little brunette asked crossing her arms over her chest. Feisty just like me.

"I'm Anna." I answered. Her eyes widened and she ran into my arms, dropping her jumper in the process.

"Mommy!" She cried. "Your alive!"

I nodded and kissed her head. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here before Saraphina." I was hoping that Harry kept with the names I picked out.

She hopped down and the boy stared at me, his eyes identical to Louis'. I smiled and crouched down. "Hello Harry."

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "My name isn't Harry. It's Louis."


I turned back to Louis who had his mouth set in a straight line. He told the boys? "Louis is a great name. Your names after my best friend so."

He smiled and gave me a small hug. "Hi mom."

I straightened my figure and stood before my eldest child. "Emily." I smiled. She didn't return it.

I tried to put my arms around her but she stepped back. The pain definitely was noticeable on my face. "Emily?"

"Don't touch me." Emily warned. I stepped back.

"Sweetie I-"

She slammed her fist against the door causing me to jump. "Don't! You weren't there! All this time, you've been alive! All this time we've had to grow up without a mother! Dad had to grow up without a wife! The uncles without their friend!"

I stayed silent.

"They needed you and you weren't there! I had to be there for them! How could you be so selfish?!"

"Emily!" Louis screamed grabbing my body. I buried my head into his chest. "Don't talk to your mother like that!"

"No! That day you were sobbing, you were so broken! You needed her and she wasn't there! As a matter of fact, we're all broken because of her!"

I looked up at Louis' sad blue eyes. Had I really caused them so much pain? I knew that they would be upset but they still are broken because of me? As if he was reading my thoughts, Louis kissed my forehead, a gesture I had missed terribly.

I turned back to Emily. "Well it's hard to get here when you're always bounded and locked up in America."

The color drained from her face. "I-"

I raised my hand in the air. "Forget it."

I sighed and walked up the stairs, no one following me this time.


That was great to write. #Annaisback

I love you to the moon and back


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