(Sequel to Emily)
After such a tragic death, the boys of One Direction are heart shattered. Yet, there is no time to mourn because Louis and Harry still have to be parents. But as time progresses, they both realize, along with the other boys, that having that responsibility is a challenge. More importantly, they start to realize that letting go and acceptance is difficult when you are broken.


12. Chapter 11

"Saraphina Grace!" I yelled walking into her room. She looked up at me, clearly embarrassed because all her friends were sitting with her.

"No Emily." She scowled turning her back to me to continue her chat. I stood in disbelief. Is she serious right now?

I grabbed her arm, pulling her away from her stupid friends. She groaned in frustration. "I don't want to talk about it Emily!"

"I don't care Sara." I stated in low tone. "You owe your dad an apology."

"No I don't!"


"No!" She shot back again. I threw my hands up in disbelief.

"Fine!" I yelled grabbing the door handle. "Your ridiculous! What you said was unacceptable! He was sobbing! I've never seen anyone so broken! He actually thought what you said should be true! Are you that much of a bitch?!"

Sara looked down, her teeth biting her quivering lip. "I'm sorry."

I scoffed in disgust. "No your not."

With that I stormed out, slamming the door behind me. Dad was waiting for me in the hallway, his body leaning against the wall. I sighed and leaned next to him.

"Is Uncle Louis okay?" I asked leaning my head into him. His arms wrapped around me.

"He's fine. Just a little shaken up." He answered, his Cheshire accent brining me comfort. "What you did was great."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I didn't do much."

"You did enough."

I inhaled, taking in the scent of his cologne. The familiar cologne he always wears. "Do you miss her?"

"Everyday." He mumbled. I couldn't tell if he was talking directly to me or to himself. "But I have you, so it's like a part of her is still here with me."

I squeezed him tighter, tears brimming my eyes. "I love you dad. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you like that."

Dad smiled and kissed my head multiple times. "You couldn't possibly princess."

I stood in his arms for what seemed like forever. My dad always knew what to do. He was my best friend. I guess that's why I got so mad when Sara wished death upon Louis. It felt like she was saying it to my dad and I wouldn't ever think of doing that.

"Still want to go to Zoe's?" He asked staring down at me. I nodded my head. If I stayed I might kill Sara.

Dad nodded his head. "Okay. You may go. Just, say goodbye to your uncles okay?"

"I will. Thanks dad." I kissed his cheek before skipping down the stairs. Everyone was still in the family room, playing board games and watching movies. Niall, Liam, and Zayn all sit on one couch, eyes tired and faces worn. I grinned and went over to Liam, kissing his cheek and giving him a hug. He seemed surprised, but had no problem hugging me back.

"I love you Uncle Liam."

I felt his grin. "I love you too."

I moved along to Niall, the corners of his mouth already up slightly. I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. Before I could pull away, he hugged me to him, causing me to fall and my legs to dangle off the couch.

"I love you uncle Niall." I groaned, escaping his grip. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Best for last!" Zayn laughed pulling me to him. I closed my eyes as his lips attached to my forehead.

"I love you Uncle Zayn." I whispered kissing his cheek.

"I love you too."



This is only short because stuff gets intense next chapter. :)

I love you to the moon and back






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