"Set yourself free"

"I'm trying."


1. Picture Perfect

Pictures tell a lot. 

They can tell how you feel, even if you try to conceal it.

My fate was decided when the camera man snapped the photo of the volleyball team.

My sophomore year wasn't the greatest, and the huge picture in the yearbook proved it.

There I was, surrounded by my teammates. We were never really all friends, just teammates.  Sasha was on my left, her big brown eyes that drove every boy in school crazy, sparkling. Daisy was on my left, her curly ginger Ponytail demonstrating exactly how cheerful she really was. Jessica and Melissa were above me, matching brown haircuts cute as ever.

 And there I was. 

Right smack in the middle of the whole team.  Sandy brown long hair brushed to perfection. Grey eyes showed off by my team jersey that matched.

I probably would've even called myself pretty if I had any  bit of self confidence. 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you some sob story about a girl who was bullied to a self destructive point, but I am going to tell you to smile in every picture, even if you're broken on the inside.

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