My Brother Harry

My name is Celeste my brother's Harry from One Direction hes my twin brother and he's older by 3 minutes I'm in love with Niall Horan and hes in love with me but my brother he doesn't understand. He's so overprotective of me since Dad left. What happens when I get Pregnant and runaway from them.


14. WHAT WHY!?!?!?!?

Celeste's POV

"So what did Harold want" I asked

"He asked if you were here"

"And what did you say" I asked nervously

"That you were here with me"

"Really Gemma Are you kidding me you told him I was here"

"Yeah and him and Niall are on there way here"

"WHAT WHY!?!?!?!?"

"Well because you and Ni are going to get married and have mini Niall's and mini Celeste's"

"Whatever I need to get out of here"

"Well we can go sight seeing we can go to the Louvre to go see the locks of love or go shopping"

"Sure lets go Shopping"

"For us and for Baby Styles/Horan"

"But I don't even know if it’s a boy or a girl"

"Well we can get gender neutral clothes"

"You think of everything don't you Gemma"

"Yup" She said as we left her flat

"So do you know when they will be here"

"No but probably in the next day or two"

"Uggh I- Do you want to know another reason why I left"

"Yeah" She said Concerned

"Because Niall Cheated on me with a Slutty Bimbo that Harry Paid for her to sleep with Niall so we would break up and I even told him that I was pregnant when he was drunk that night" I said really fast while catching a breath and starting to tear up.

"Ohh I’m so sorry sweetie I didn’t know" I started to cry more

"Hey sweetie pie come here" She said while pulling me into her chest.

"I just don't know what to do I mean I love Niall and Harry both but Niall he just broke my heart and Harry on the other hand he’s a douche of a brother he is so selfish but I love them both so much I just hope it doesn't break up the band".

"Honey you won't break up the band i promise ok"

"Are you sure because I would be devastated if I did" I kept rambling on and on.

"Trust me you wont".


Hey Guys I am looking for an active Co-Author so If your interested comment and fan me i will fan back. Next chapter before October 18th!!!! Thanks for reading!!!!!!



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