My Brother Harry

My name is Celeste my brother's Harry from One Direction hes my twin brother and he's older by 3 minutes I'm in love with Niall Horan and hes in love with me but my brother he doesn't understand. He's so overprotective of me since Dad left. What happens when I get Pregnant and runaway from them.


22. How did you know?

Zayn's POV

"Zayn how did you know about her eating disorder." Niall asked me.

"Uhh I watched her do it." I mumbled.

I thought back to when I walked in on her throwing up.

"HARRY!" I yelled while walking into his house. I could hear something coming from Celeste's Room. I walked into her room and knew it was coming from her bathroom. I opened the door and saw her throwing up. I imeadiately ran over to her and grabbed her and held her so she couldnt throw up anymore. 

"What are you doing Celeste?"

"I just can't d-deal with the hate anymore."

"What hate sweetie."


"How long have you been doing this."

"Since I was 12. Please don't tell Harry or any of the other boys unless it's life or death. Please." 

"I will."

I came back to reality while watching everyone comfort Celeste.

 "Thanks El for the eggs." Celeste mumbled.

"Your welcome. I just hope you feel better. El said while walking towards the kitchen.

The rest of the day consisted of all of us making sure Celeste was ok. Everyone was starting to leave. Perrie figured it was a good time to leave so we were saying our goodbyes.

"Bye Celeste I hope you feel better." I said while hugging her.

"Take care of her man." I said to Niall.

"I will thanks man." He replied.

Niall's POV 

A couple days later

"Celeste I Love you babe." I yelled across the house.

"What did you do?" She yelled back.

"Why do you think I did something?" 

"Because I do."

"Hey Celeste." The band yelled.

"Sorry babe I forgot I invited them."

"Thats fine. Can you come help me out of bed?" 

"Yeah I'm coming." I started to run towards the Bedroom."

"Hey Babe." I said while walking towards her side of the bed.

I started to help her out of bed her stomach was big. I was so happy and ready for us to become Parents. We were walking into the living room and the boys all had gifts in their hands.

"What are those?" Celeste questioned.

"They are gifts for you and the baby. My mother said that Pregnant women like gifts."  Louis said.

"Louis any Women like gifts." Celeste said with much confidence.

"Ok but still come and open these gifts." He replied. 

Celeste started to open the gifts there were clothes for the baby, Gift cards for Celeste and so much more. Celeste suggested we watch a movie so we watched The Avengers. She fell asleep next to me and Louis. She looked so peaceful sleeping. She was laying on my lap. I put my hand to her stomach. I felt one of the babies kick. Celeste groaned in pain as if it hurt. Celeste suddenly sprang up. 

"What's wrong babe?" I questioned.

"My water broke." She replied. 

"Ok im not going to panic." I said while shaking my head and biting my lip.

"Im going to go get in the car while you get the bags and carseats in the car. She slowly got up and walked out of the house.

The door shut close. Everyones faces were in shock. 

"Oh My Goodness. IM GOING TO BE A DAD! I screamed.

Where is everything I thought then I remembered that we put it in the living room. I quickly got up and grabed everything and put in the silver Dodge Avenger. I got in the car and started driving to the hospital which was only 15 mins away. But in that time it felt like a lifetime. And thats how its going to be when these children are born. A lifetime of hapiness. Of joy. Of laughter. Of forever with her.  Im going to be the most happiest person ever. 



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