My Brother Harry

My name is Celeste my brother's Harry from One Direction hes my twin brother and he's older by 3 minutes I'm in love with Niall Horan and hes in love with me but my brother he doesn't understand. He's so overprotective of me since Dad left. What happens when I get Pregnant and runaway from them.


16. Hospital

Niall's Pov

"I’m so sorry but the baby and Celeste did not make it Celeste's heart stopped and we could not revive it and the baby was too premature I’m so sorry for your loss" The surgeon said 

"No No Celeste My Princess my baby" I was sobbing. I was cut off by Harry calling my name. I was Dreaming.

"Niall Niall Niall Wake up" Harry said

"What happened are they okay?" I started sobbing 

"Niall there fine she just fainted from not eating properly"

"Ok Can I see her"

"Yes you can see her she’s in room 432" I quickly ran to the lift and patiently waited for the fourth floor to come up. It finally came up and i quickly ran to her room to see her and Gemma talking I listened from out side of her door.

Celeste's Pov

"Gemma I really love Niall but after I saw him with that girl I don't know what to do He cheated on me while I was pregnant"

"Did he know you were pregnant when he cheated on him"

"No bu-"

"No buts he didn’t know so the pregnancy does not count. What does your heart say?"

"It says to give him a second chance"

"Then do what your heart says"

"I will. Can you do me a favor"

"Sure what is it"

"Can you go and get Niall so I can talk to him please"

"Yeah sure anything for you sweetie" She kissed my forehead and rubbed my stomach and left. Niall came walking through the door.

"That was quick. How did you get up here so quickly"

"I was already on my way up"

"So i have been thinking and I want to give us a chance as a couple to raise this baby I know your only 21 and I’m only 20 but I think we can"

"I love you Forever"

"And Always"

"We can do this Celeste I know we can"

"I think we can too"

"Do you want to pick out names" He said


"What about Zoey or Anna for girls and Noel and Parker for boys"

"I like those what about Erin or Claire and Braden or Brandon"

"I Like those" He responded

"Niall Can you do me a favor and ask the doc when I can leave I really hate Hospitals"

"Yes I can I'll be right back"

Niall's Pov

I walked out of Celeste's room and went and asked the doctor when she could leave.

"Celeste can leave as soon as she wants I just need her to fill out these discharge papers." The Doctor said.

"Ok Thanks Doc." I went back to Celeste's room and helped her fill out the discharge papers and after that we left to Gemma’s Flat.


Hey Guys I updated three times in a week. That is Ama-ZAYN Haha see what I did there. Ok But I am still looking for an active Co-Author. And I have picked the winner for Harry's Girlfriend!!!!!! And it is (Drum Roll Please) KitKatKooBoo. She will be coming up in one of the new chapters.


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