My Brother Harry

My name is Celeste my brother's Harry from One Direction hes my twin brother and he's older by 3 minutes I'm in love with Niall Horan and hes in love with me but my brother he doesn't understand. He's so overprotective of me since Dad left. What happens when I get Pregnant and runaway from them.


6. chapter 6

Niall's P.O.V.

"WE KISSED." She yelled

"Yeah do you not remember Harry caught us snogging and then you and him got in a fight. I was told to leave so I left. Then I got a call saying you were in the hospital and I called all the boys."

"Oh, can I be alone with Niall, Harry?"

"Yea I guess but No Snogging." 


"So tell me everything that happened today."

"Ok well you texted me and asked If I wanted come over and I said sure and came over. We started to watch Frozen and you started to say "I have something to tell you even though I know Harry wouldn't like it." and then I blurted out I love you and you said I love you, and we started snogging and Harry caught us and you guys got in a fight. Harry told me to leave so I left."



  "Will you do the honors of being my Princess?"

    "I will." 

  "Hello I’m Doctor Lawson the reason you fainted was because of your appendix bursting I am going to give you a shot. You will feel a slight pinch."

"Mhhm." -She moaned.

"Ok you should be able to leave today."  

                                    "Niall can you hand me clothes and my phone."                                                                            


"I can’t believe you still have this case that Harry gave you for Christmas. I thought you throw it away by now.

"Why would you think I would throw it away?"   

"Because look at what it says 1D loves me?" 

  "You all love me right?"


"So why would I throw it away?"

"I don’t know."

"I love your shirt C." I was wearing my I am 99.99% sure im a disney princess shirt.

"Thanks Harry brought this outfit here earlier."

"Lets get out of here."

We started to walk out of her room and towards the lift. We walked in the lift and I hit 1. We walked out of the lift and saw Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn.    

Celeste's P.O.V

We got off the lift and saw Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn.  

"Hey guys what’s up."  

"We were just waiting for you." -Louis said  

"So how are all of my best friends and there Girlfriends." -I said  

"I'm fine and Eleanor misses you she had a shoot to go to." -Louis said 

  "Danielle and I are great I took her to a picnic today." -Liam replied  

"I’m great and Perrie is amazing her and the girls are out shopping she says "Hi" by the way." -Zayn replied.  

"I’m fine besides the fact that you fainted in front of me, and my girlfriend says "Hi" and she can't wait to meet you."   "Uhmm Hazza I’m going to Niall's, ok?"  

"Ok be home by 10 pm."

  "What time is it.”  "01:00 P.M." -Louis said.  


"Okay." I said while walking hand in hand with Niall Hearing the boys except Harry Wolf Whistle.

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