Transformers - Crosshairs

Crosshairs, is learning to live with humanity and amongst his own kind who are all suffering from something.


1. Stars abound


Chapter 1: Stars Abound

Spoilers for age of extinction

No pairings


Shifting uneasily on the trash dumpster he looked to the sky. The stars looked down on him with nothing short of quiet beauty, as he looked up with reverence.

"I thought I might find you here." Drift's voice summoned him back to earth. Drift hardly recognized Crosshairs anymore. His once optimistic outlook was now tarnished. The once golden mech had become dull.

"I don't do parties." Crosshairs stated kicking his feet. The bang of the dumpster echoed around them. "I mean they are acting like Megatron is dead once more." He sighed "How many times will Primus allow a mech like that new life?"

"Megatron is dead" Drift stated. "His hate is not." He shrugged. "We must hope now, and have faith." The blue and black samurai jumped up to sit at the corvette's side. "They do have fascinating stars... The humans. This arm of their spiral galaxy is most beautiful, and the skies..." His statement Drifted away as he dreamt a bit. "They are so clear."

Crosshairs nodded he couldn't deny that. Sounds of laughter permitted the abandoned warehouse. "What are they all doing in there?" The sports car shifted his pedes. "Sound like hatchlings on kibble day."

"Speaking with Joyce about living arrangements for all of us, transport, things we need for comfort" Drift met his gaze. "Wash racks." He smirked as he looked up. "and the Yeager human is attempting to repair the scrap drone."

Crosshairs had to sigh. "His name is him that or we'll call you the former decepticon." Crossing his arms the weapons specialist waited.

Drift smirked if was a valid threat."Understood." He smiled as he looked across the sky.

Crosshairs sighed his optics going back up to the sky. "what will we do without him?" He shifted slightly.

Drift looked up. "Optimus you mean?" He continued after Crosshairs nodded. "We do as he asks... we protect the humans. They seem to want to help us, hide us."

"That won't be easy. From what Joyce said of Attinger's intel there are still a few dozen cons on planet, not to mention Joyce's plaything Galvatron. Which by the way Optimus did not dispatch." Crosshairs shook his helm. "Not to mention there are cybertronian beasts running around china... Who's going to help them?"

Drift put a hand to the young weaponist's shoulder. "Things are well in hand." He gave crosshairs a pat on the shoulder and hopped down. "Come ... Joyce has energon."

Crosshairs' optics grew wide. "No... Decepticon lies Drift come on we talked about this."

"It is not a lie." He chuckled. "Hound thinks it has fermented long enough in storage. He assumes it is high grade, and while you do not do parties, I would hope you would join us and indulge." Drifts words brought the corvette down off the dumpster.

"Lead the way." Crosshairs said before looking up into the sky. "Boss always misses the good stuff doesn't he?"

Pausing Drift looked up and nodded. "Indeed, he does."

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