Losing My Best Friend

I've never really had any one there for me i just always had my best friend but soon i might not even have him. once he disappears


2. Saying Goodbye

Today was the day that Sam was leaving, and i didn't want things to end how they did and then i went over to his house and i knocked on the door and then he answered and i said

"i'm sorry about yesterday Sam"

"it's fine i should've told you sooner"

then he kissed me and he said

"i also should've told you sooner that i'm in love with you"

"Sam where are you going?"

"i'm  going on a trip with my brother"

"but a trip implies that you'd come back are you gonna come back Sam?"

'no i'm not"

"oh will i ever see you again?"

"i don't know"

then i hugged him and said

"let me come with you"

"i can't it's to dangerous"

"how is a vacation with your brother dangerous"

"because we hunt things"

"what kind of things Sam?"

'like ghosts and demons and other things"

"let me come with you"


"yes Sam!!! you can't just tell me you love me then leave me here to worry"

"okay fine"

then i went and packed a few bags for me like clothes and my laptop and a few other things then i went back over to 

Sam  and said

"thank you Sam"

then he kissed me and his brother pulled up in his Car

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