My follwer

He would never let me leave
Not without him
He wanted me
But I was a runaway
And tried to escape but was punished


2. oh boo hoo

I woke up in Harry's strong arms as he slep


I sliped trough his tight grip and went to his room to sleep


I fell asleep then woke up to the smell of bacon


I ran downstairs to see harry cooking breakfast with a sad look"I'm sorry i yelled at you like that ali"do you forgive me ,you were right bout taking you from your loved ones."im such a bad person"

"No its my fault i shouldn't have exploded on you like that ,you didn't deserve it.

I went over there as tears filled his eyes and hugged him untill he hugged me back"its ok"no its not,i yelled at a love able girl who should not be miss-treated"i said its ok babe"can i call you babe now"yes you can"ok

We cuddled all morning with my new boyfriend

Harry styles

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