Touched By A Goddess

New girl Artemis arrives at Beacon Hills, and just like our werewolves, she's got a secret.

She's a Goddess. The God of the Hunt and the Moon to be exact. Read as she and her twin brother Apollo try to juggle high school.


2. Stiles


Artemis sprints down the hallway after the guy who looks like her brother, her hair flying behind her. I turn to Scott and Allison. I point behind me, in her direction, with my thumb. “Wha-” I say.

The two of them just shake their heads in wonder. “Huh.” Lydia walks up to us.

"What’s wrong?” She asks curiously.

"Nothing, just a weird new girl.” Scott says. I nod.

"Ooh! Is she pretty?” She asks excitedly. We shake shake our heads and walk off. Time for math. Yeah! Notice the sarcasm. Three hours later and she’s still not back. I don’t know why I care so much. It was just really weird how she left school because her brother (maybe...) told her they needed to go....Whatever. It doesn’t matter I need to focus. Mr. Harris says something about new lab partners. I sigh. Great. I already know that Scott and Allison are sitting together. Aiden and Lydia. Ethan and Danny. And Isaac isn’t even in our class.

This is just awesome. I’m just going to have to sit next to- “I”m here! I am here! Don’t start without me!” Artemis screams, running into the room. She almost trips over her own feet. Her brother follows behind her, just as frantic.

"What my sister said.” He says, out of breath. Hmm. Is there ever a time when he’s not out of breath?

"Who are you?” Mr. Harris asks, rudely. Artemis and her unnamed brother snap their heads toward him and stand straight.

“I’m Artemis. This is my brother... Josh.” She says. She sounded unsure when she says his name, like she doesn’t know what it is, but that ridiculous. What kind of sister doesn’t know her own brothers name?

"Last name?” Harris asks. The two of them look at each other with wide eyes.

"Uhhh... O’Brien.” Josh says quickly.

"Well, Artemis O’Brien, you can go sit next to Stilinski.” Harris says.

"Who?” She asks. I raise my hand, slightly.

"That’s me. Remember.” I say. Her eyes light up and she prances over to her seat next to me. Mr. Harris gives Josh a seat next to some girl I’ve never met. Artemis turns to me.

"Stiles, right?” She asks. I nod. “Nice to meet you... Again.” She says, laughing. I smile.

"You too. Is that your brother?” I ask. She nods.

"Twins.” She says, moving a finger between the two of them. Huh. Then a thought occurs to me.

"Hey where did you go before?” I ask. That seems to strike a nerve because her eyes widen and her jaw drops open.

"I... uh... well... you see... I went home because... my dad and brother got in an argument. And well, you see, they don’t really listen to anyone but me when that happens.” She says, quickly. I look at her. She chuckles, nervously. “So any tips about how to survive here.” She says changing to topic, not so subtly. I decide to go along with it. Before answering I look her over. I hadn’t really notice it before but she’s actually very pretty. She has light brown hair, flawless skin and brilliant blue eyes. I hear a snap and come back to reality. “Hey, anybody home?” She says.

"Oh, sorry. I zoned out there. Um, yeah. How about you stick with me. I have a decent amount of friends. Well I call them friends.” I say, drifting off. I think about Aiden and Ethan. They not really our friends. But they are on our side so... “Anyway yeah. You’ve already met Scott and Allison. I can introduce you to Isaac and Lydia. Maybe Aiden and Ethan if they show up.” I say. She nods.

"Sounds good.” She says. And we turn our attention to Mr. Harris for the rest of class.

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