Why me?

Why me? 
I am just a normal girl who happens to friends with Louis's girlfriend we were besties forever until I met harry styles. He was an ausome friend until he asked . I said yes on the spot. After dating for two years. I was at his concert when he called me up on stage Nd popped the pretty ?. I yelled yes and hugged him to death. When I went to the doctor I was pregnant and Harry was so excited .im a dad harry exclaimed!but something told me he was not. Louis had been staring at me .we went into the coverce room and he told me everything , I loved harry but I also secretly loved Louis . As I though Louis crashed me into the wall and started to kiss me . I had no idea why they chose me but they chose the right person. I learned Harry's secret but also had one of my own .i had done things that Harry could end it with us but he did some to so I had to chose between Louis or Harry . Or this would be the end of Larry



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