Why me?

Why me? 
I am just a normal girl who happens to friends with Louis's girlfriend we were besties forever until I met harry styles. He was an ausome friend until he asked . I said yes on the spot. After dating for two years. I was at his concert when he called me up on stage Nd popped the pretty ?. I yelled yes and hugged him to death. When I went to the doctor I was pregnant and Harry was so excited .im a dad harry exclaimed!but something told me he was not. Louis had been staring at me .we went into the coverce room and he told me everything , I loved harry but I also secretly loved Louis . As I though Louis crashed me into the wall and started to kiss me . I had no idea why they chose me but they chose the right person. I learned Harry's secret but also had one of my own .i had done things that Harry could end it with us but he did some to so I had to chose between Louis or Harry . Or this would be the end of Larry


5. movie time

They arived at the movies and got snacks

A:im getting popcorn!?




A:your shy arent u


A:my type of guy

Eleanor kicked ali in the leg



A:you kicked me


El:she was flirting with you

A:was not

El:was too

L:was not

El:louis get out of thus

A:was not

El:was too

H:ok girls you can argue later ,i want to watch the movie

L:yeah we probly missed the turn if your phone thing on the movie screen

A:lets go

A:im not siting next to Eleanors flakey ass

El:what did you call me

A:your flakey ass ,it means that you have two sides


A:thats why your my bff

El:aww thanks

A:but your going to hate me


A:no reason



They walked there and were on time


They sat in this order


Harry and Ali were cuddling while louis and Eleanor sat there awkwardly staring at each other

They left the movies ,but not Ali,and harry didnt

They went to the hotel pool and swam

(And no they didn't go skinny dipping,we are mot that far into the story yet)

H:so whats up with Eleanor

A:she was mad at me for "flirting" with her date

H:were you

A:no i was just starting a conversation

H:ohhh kayyy

A:Eleanor is probaly calling me off the hook

H:she is

H:you know louis only asked me cuz he wanted to go with me

A:like your wing man


A:ok i kinda have to leave or el will have mu head on a silver plater





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