Running away woth love +16

Lucy had the perfect life until zayn bumps into her one day . They weren't meant to be they hated each other until one night at a party zayn wakes up with Lucy . Suprised they both a start getting hatred and they have to run away from the life the though was perfect .


2. chapter 2

Lucy's P.O.V

I woke up again on the couch by my friend inviting me to a party. Zayn was in his room sleeping soo I didn't bother him about it and got ready by the way I got dressed I was ready at 7:45 soo ran to the car and drove to the 9:45 I was drunk and went to my reserved room and turned out the lights to find a drunk zayn wrapping his arms around me and rocking me .shhhhhhhh" he said as he kissed my neck and brushed my dried hair stained with wine. I moaned being pushed to the bed I moaned soo loud I could hear the outsiders trolling me to shush. I've had sex but I've never had it with zayn. He was the bad boy . Our drunk ness flown over us making the hatred float away . He ripped my shirt apart I clipping my bra. He sucked hard on my boobs as I ripped his shirt apart . He pulled down my pants and inserted me. The way we kissed .... It was fireworks and we did that for the night and fell asleep in each other arms

Zayns P.O.V

I woke up next to Lucy .... Which was surprising my phone ringed for Instagram I saw soo much hate for Lucy I threw my phone down... Hearing it shattering . Lucy woke up to the shattering and screamed at the site of me next to her . I calmed her down . When she looked at my broken phone she put my phone to her eyes and I swear I saw tears flowing out of her blue crystal eyes. She ran into my arms falling back asleep

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