Running away woth love +16

Lucy had the perfect life until zayn bumps into her one day . They weren't meant to be they hated each other until one night at a party zayn wakes up with Lucy . Suprised they both a start getting hatred and they have to run away from the life the though was perfect .


1. chapter 1

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me"zayn sang along with his band at the ceremony Lucy was on the phone with her boyfriend "I'm ..... Breaking up with u" he said then hung up on her . She burst out crying until zayn noticed her crieing he rolled his eyes

The next day she began depressed and began of thinking of cutting herself . She ran to not be late for class and bumped into zayn. "Watch we're ur going "he said in a suprised mood, instead of being calm he punched her out if the way going to class. She began to cry and realize she wasn't made for this place and made it to class thinking of cutting still .

Zayns P.O.V

I walked home thinking of her why was she depressed was it because of me I wondered as I opened the door to my mum cooking "we're having quest and can you dress properly she rolled her eyes at my messed up clothes"

Lucy's P.O.V

My mum made me wear the sexiest dress I had and did my hair up and made me look approachable . I drove my car with my family to the dinner my mom was working for . The house looked families and the boy who was with too looked familier.

Zayns P.O.V

I saw the girl coming out of the car with a big bruise on her arm but looked soo hot I didn't realize who she was until she greeted me . LUCY "I practily screamed as I ran into my room . She looked frighted and passed out t the sight of me .

Lucy's P.O.V

LUCY "I heard him say as I passed out . When I woke up I was in Zayns bed it was night and I saw zayn looking at me angry . I didn't dare to speak of what happened when he suddenly stood up and came to me shirtless . He explained everything and that my parents and his parents were going on a business's trip angrily

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