The Terroist

You probably don't believe that someone could come back to life but in this story anything can happen. This scientist loved to make the dead into living and most thought this was because of his departed wife but others thought it was because he was insane. But the scientist was a sweet man he was just misunderstood until one night a mysterious fire started inside the laboratory and destroyed half of the building, some say he died in it but not on person knows for sure because if someone goes in they never come out. He got what he wanted but not how he wanted to get it.

This story is mostly horror and finding a way to escape so I hope you like it. If you like zombies or horror this book is for you. Also I based a little part of this book on the movie The Purge so not all of it will be mine.


1. The Scientist

   My name is Lucy Deran. I am 17 years old and the year is 2048. I live with my pet beagle named lucky in an old and worn out house. We live happily even if I am poor, but I have always wanted to explore this world and become a doctor. But sadly jobs are hard to find here in New York at the time. My mother is dead and my father is in a mental facility for accidentally hurting people with some experiments he has tried. He is a scientist and does not know what he is doing sometimes.

   The neighborhood next to us is filled with rich people. The other neighborhood next to us is filled with people who love killing and hate everyone and everything. People are fighting on the streets for money and food, so the authority's thought of an idea. If there were one time of day were everyone could do something illegal, people would be more calm. So one day a year anyone in the whole world gets to do anything illegal for fifteen hours.

   My father and everyone else in the insane asylum get to run free and do whatever they want during those hours. My father has a lab in the middle of town were he experiments on living creatures and turns them into monsters, he was always fascinated by different creatures. My father never let me in his lab because he said he did not want to drag me into the madness of what are world has turned into.

   They called it Terrorist day, but everyone in my neighborhood is to scared to be a terrorist so they usually lock their doors and hide away in a safe room. Every house is built with a safe room for everyone's protection. Nobody can shoot the President or anyone federal because that is still illegal. For 24 years they have been doing Terrorist day and not one person has tried to stop them.

   When Terrorist day starts I hide in the safe room with a gun and five packs of bullets. Terrorist day was starting tomorrow so I started to prepare by making a checklist.

   To do list:

*lock all doors.

*pack canned food, water bottles, blankets, and fresh clothes.

*bring phone and things to do when bored (bring dog).

*hacking system.

*close all blinds on windows.

*put sticky seal up.

*set up security cameras.


   I have done it for 9 years and I have not died yet so I hope I don't die now. Once I was done with my checklist it was almost dusk so I decided to go to sleep early to get a good night sleep before the long and painful day starts. I got my pajamas on and hopped in bed as I watched the gold and pink sunset drop below the sky and make a green slash before dropping into the darkness of night. After that I fell into a deep sleep.


   So as you can see I have written a new movella so I hoped you liked the first part of it. I know this is a really short chapter but I promise the next one will be longer and the next one will have the breakout at the lab (zombies).

-until next chapter @Sci-Fi_girl22

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