5 Seconds to Love You

After loosing the love of her life so young, Angelisa feels like she will never love again. She has lost all hope. But that's before she meets Luke Hemmings... He opens her eyes to the reality of what happened to her, and patiently helps her through it. He shows her what real love feels like, and Angelisa finally lets her heart move on. But that's when new tragedy strikes. @copyright 2015. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission contact Beautifully Hemmings on Movellas.com


26. Chapter Twenty-Six - Angelisa

Chapter Twenty-Six 



Somewhere in-between the third and fourth letters, I dismissed myself from the Heralds’ home, thanking them for everything. And not just everything today, everything in general.

It began to rain when I left, and I drove in the downpour for about an hour, just driving trying to collect my thoughts. I pulled over on a lightly trafficked bridge and pulled out the rest of Braden’s letters, needing to read them before I arrived at the band’s house.

At my current state, sitting in the driveway trying to compose myself before facing people, I felt like a piece of soggy paper piled in the corner. No one knows I’m wet with tears, and no one know’s I’m lonely. I try to wipe away my tears as best I can, and make the makeup I actually put on for once look acceptable. I slowly get out of my car, set Braden’s letters carefully on the seat, and take a deep breath, letting the rain hit me for a moment. I close my eyes, take another breath, close my car door, and walk briskly to the front door. Standing in front of the large door, I sigh, not ready to push Braden's words out of my mind just yet.

"Coming!" I hear the call from behind the door upon knocking.

"Angel you're finally here!" Ashton is the one who opens the door, and he greets me with a large smile. Stepping inside, I toss my shoes and coat in the corner.

"We've been hanging out downstairs waiting for you." Ashton informs me, motioning towards the staircase. "Luke's been worried about where you were."

"Didn't Kat tell him I was going to see, um..." I trail off momentarily, forgetting Ashton doesn't know about Braden. "A friend?" I finish, hoping I didn't sound too confused.

"Well yeah." He nods. "Its just been a while since you left I guess." Ashton begins to walk downstairs and I follow him. "You know how Luke is, always worried for those he cares about." I nod in agreement as we reach the room still set up as a stage. Luke, Michael, and Calum, as well as Kat, are all seated in a circle around the stage, playing some sort of card game.

"What about me?" Luke asks looking up from the cards in his hand.But before anyone can answer, his eyes meet mine and a huge smile spreads across his face. "Angel!"

"Hey." I push out a smile and join the others around the stage. I sit down next to Luke and I immediately know he sees that I've been crying.

"What's wrong?" He whispers only loud enough for me to hear. I shake my head, indicating I don't to talk about it in front of everyone else.

"Later." I whisper back. I'm not sure what to do next, and thankfully Ashton breaks the silence.

"So what are we playing?"

"Spoons!" Kat yells excitedly as she looks away from her cards and grabs a spoon from the middle. I giggle at her enthusiasm as Calum and Michael grab a spoon as well.

"Hey!" Luke shouts upon realizing he didn't grab a spoon. "I wasn't ready!"

"You snooze you lose big guy." Ashton shoves him in the shoulder before sitting down. "Deal me in!" He motions to the cards in Kat's hands, and she gladly deals them out to him.

"Hey Angel," Calum begins. "You should've introduced us to Kat sooner, she's awesome!" He smiles, giving a large grin to Kat.

"Awe, thanks Calum." I see her cheeks blush, and I instantly diagnose her with a crush. The way she's looking at him is something I've never deen from her; a look of flirtation and admiration. The thought of Kat finally putting away her boy crazy nature and settling down with one guy for a while makes me very giddy. Wouldn't it it be great for such an amazing girl to find an equally cool guy?

Luke and I watch our friends play the rest of their card game; Ashton got out right after he was dealt in, and Michael lost soon after. With only Calum and Kat left in in the game, I had no idea who was going to win.

"Ah!" Kat let's out an excited squeal and reaches for the spoon. Just as soon as she does though, Calum reaches for it too. I try to hide the smile breaking across my face as both of their hands make contact on the surface of the spoon. They look up at each other, and the connection occurring between them is so strong, I can almost feel it. Their hands linger like that for a few breathless seconds, before a devious grin breaks across Kat's face and she yanks the spoon away from Calum. His face turns from its former lovestruck smile, to an expression of confusion.

"Did you just...?" He shakes his head head not sure how to continue while the rest of us burst out in laughter.

"It's okay pretty boy," she winks at him and I stifle a laugh. "I'll let you win next time." Before Calum has has a chance to respond to that, Kat is talking again. "Should I deal out another game?"

"You guys go ahead." Luke says. "Angel and I are going to go upstairs for a bit." He looks to me for confirmation, and I nod, biting my lip. I'm a little nervous to talk about Braden's letters so soon, but I have faith that Luke will be his understanding self. Luke and I stand up and make our way towards the stairs.

"Don't be too loud." Ashton grins, winking at Luke. An instant shudder runs through my body and I have the sudden urge to send a punch towards Ashton's dirty mind. Though I know Luke would never take advantage of me, the thought still makes me nervous

"Stop being such a fucking pervert Ash." Luke shoots back, flicking him off. "She's not even my girlfriend anyway."

"That's not what it looked like when you kissed her in the recording room the other day." Ashton grins. Luke's face goes completely red at his comment, and he quickly turns to go up the stairs. Normally I would've followed Luke, but my whole entire body body is frozen, my eyes locked with Kat's. Her expression is a mix of betrayal and confusion, as well as a tiny bit of sadness. I knew I should've told her about the kiss, she's my best friend and we should never have any secrets, but i didn't.

"I'm sorry." I mouth the words to her before tearing my eyes away from her gaze, though it's hard. I then scurry up the stairs and follow the sound of ice cubes hitting glass into the kitchen. I sit down at the counter as Luke slides a glass of water to me, and I give him a weak smile. He leans into the counter across from me, and puts his head in his hands.

"I'm so sorry about Ash." He shakes his head. "He can be such a dick sometimes."

"It's okay," I try to reassure him. "It just caught me me by surprise a little."

"You and me both." He sighs. There's an awkward silence between us for a while, and I don't know how to break it. I take a sip of my water, then suck in a deep breath. I don't want to start talking first, and I can tell Luke doesn't want to either. He moves from his spot across from me, to the tall stool next to me. His blue eyes pierce into mine as he sits down, and grabs my hands in his own. The feeling of his skin on mine shoots fireworks through my stomach, and I suddenly remember that I was going to tell Luke about my developing feelings for him. I do the best to push the thought out of my mind, but I know it will proceed to nag at me.

"Can you tell me why you were crying before you got here now?" He asks the question I knew was coming, and the fireworks inside of me turn into mush.

"Y-, yeah." I nod, telling myself I'm not allowed to cry while talking about this. He gives my hands a squeeze and gazes into my eyes with admiration. I try to smile in response, but I don't think it's a convincing one.

"So I was late coming here today because I, um, I stopped at Braden's parents' house." I spit the words out, and Luke's expression stays mostly stable. I only sense a slight falter on his face, and I'm hoping he's just surprised and not upset.

"And they um," I continue. "They gave me something that Braden had made for me and uh..." I trail off, unsure of how to explain the letters. "Um, here, wait one second." I hop of my seat, causing my hands to fall away from Luke's, and jog out to my car. It's still raining outside, though not as bad as before. I quickly hop into my car to avoid getting getting too wet, and grab the envelope holding the words Braden never got to speak. I shove the envelope in my shirt to make sure the letters don't get ruined, and run back inside. Upon closing the door, I pull the large envelope back out, and see Luke's eyes widen.

"Are those-?" He asks as I sit back down next to him.

"Yeah." I nod.

"Can I-?"

"Yeah." I hand him the envelope and let out a deep breath.

"Luke before you read them," I spit out, "Just know that he was really sick and, and that last letter it, it, it..." I can't find the right words to tell him that Braden must not have been able to finish his last letter, and luckily I don't need too. Luke flips to the last piece of paper in the envelope, and gapes at the paper.

"Oh, oh my God." He utters, his face showing a lot of shock. "Angel, I'm, I'm so sor-..." He trails off. "Oh my God." The horrified look on his face surprisingly confirms my new feelings for him. He's sincerely getting concerned about a person who he knows I still love. Most guys would get jealous, but the fact that he doesn't warms my heart.

"That letter is dated-," I start to say, but Luke finishes for me.

"A year ago today." He stares at the date in disbelief, skimming over the letter. "Do you think he just couldn't write anymore or...?

I shake my head, "I don't know." Luke pulls out the other letters and looks at them. A part of me feels like I'm giving up privacy showing him these parts of me my life, but if I see see a future with him then maybe it's not so bad.

"This one's cute." He holds out the first letter and I smile. I watch Luke's face as he goes through each letter. His expressions change depending on what he's reading, and he sometimes looks at me and just gives a sympathetic look. When he's about halfway done reading the letters, he puts them down and stares into my eyes.


"I can't keep reading these Angel, it's not right." He begins to put the pieces of paper back into the envelope.

"Luke it's okay, I want you to-"

"No I can't." He hands the envelope to me. "He wrote these for you and I don't feel right reading them. You can talk talk to me about them still, but, it just feels wrong." He sets the letters next to me and feel a slight tinge of gratitude that he didn't read them all.

Neither of us say anything for a while, but Luke puts his hand back in mine. The fireworks go off again, and I find myself thinking more and more about Luke, and less and less about Braden. I think about how Luke has been so caring from the start, how he has always looked out for me, even before he really knew me. How he looks at me when he gets excited, how he laughs at all my jokes, how he sees more in me than I do. How his eyes light up when he sees me, how he holds me when I cry, how his lips feel against mine, how much I want to feel that again. How I can see his feelings for me radiating off of him at almost every moment and how I want want to start showing him the same from me. But mostly, I think about how even though he knows I'm broken beyond repair, he still tries to fix me.

"Luke?" His name squeaks out of my mouth before I even realize what I'm doing. I slowly bring my gaze from our connected hands, up to his perfect eyes.

"Huh?" He runs a finger along the veins in my hand.

"Theres..." I trail off for a second, my stomach twisting in thousands of knots. "There's something I've been wanting to tell you." He quickly stops tracing my veins, and pulls his eyes up to meet mine.

"This might sound dumb because, I, I mean, I've kind of just met you and today's the anniversary of Braden's death but..." I trail again, not sure how to put my feelings into words.

"Angel?" His eyes light up, and his grip on my hand tightens slightly.

"Luke," I take  silent deep breath. "I like you. Like as more than a friend." I bite my lip shyly, unsure of what's going to happen next. Luke's smiling at me, bigger than I've ever seen him smile, and I can feel my face starting to reflect his. There are so many feelings in the air around us, and I don't know if that's what drives me to my next move or not, but it certainly helps. I lean forward on my chair, slip my hands around Luke's neck, and press my lips onto his. Luke takes no time to be surprised by my actions like I assumed he would, but immediately kisses me back. His soft lips and cold lip ring ignite feelings inside of me that I didn't know I was capable of feeling. Something about me kissing him, instead of him kissing me, makes the whole thing feel different. A good different.

"Is this really happening?" Luke whispers against my lips, and I giggle because it tickles.

"Yeah, I think so." I smile.

As Luke's lips brush against mine again, I finally understand why Braden wanted me to find love again. It makes so much sense now. Trying to live without this feeling in your life is almost as bad as living without Braden. Love takes away pain, and without it, the pain just keeps getting worse. Losing Braden may have killed me, but finding Luke could be the revival I need.

I wish it wouldn't have taken me so long to figure out.



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