5 Seconds to Love You

After loosing the love of her life so young, Angelisa feels like she will never love again. She has lost all hope. But that's before she meets Luke Hemmings... He opens her eyes to the reality of what happened to her, and patiently helps her through it. He shows her what real love feels like, and Angelisa finally lets her heart move on. But that's when new tragedy strikes. @copyright 2015. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission contact Beautifully Hemmings on Movellas.com


21. Chapter Twenty-One - Luke


Chapter Twenty-One




(There’s a part in this chapter where you should play the song “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World! You don’t have to play it, but it will help get the emotions rolling :) ) 


I leave Angel downstairs, as I run up to get some water for the both of us. As I carefully walk back down the stairs I find her sitting on the large couch, knees pulled into her chest, clutching the charm of a necklace in her fist. There are no longer tears in her eyes, but I can tell there is still a large part of her that wants to cry forever.

“Hey, I’m back.” I say once I’m all the way down the stairs, handing her one of the water glasses.

“Thanks.” She replies, taking a short sip before setting the glass on the coffee table in front of her. She pulls her over onto one shoulder and lets out a deep breath, letting go of the necklace. It falls back onto her chest and I see that it is in the shape of an angel. 

"So um... Do you wanna go check out the recording studio?" I ask. At my words, her eyes lighten up a little bit.

"You have a recording studio here too!?” I can already see her start to cheer up. 

"Yeah, follow me." I laugh as I lead her down the hallway to our studio.

"Woahhh!" She runs excitedly into the room. "You really get to record in your very own studio?!” Her mood has taken a complete flip suddenly, and I like it. It’s so much fun to see her happy.

"Yep," I laugh, "except we don't really release it or anything. Lately we've just messed around with new ideas."

"It must be so fun to do this kind of stuff al the time!" She exclaims.

"Well..." I start grabbing some headphones, "you could try it right now."

"Really!?" She cries grabbing the headphones from me.

"Yeah, come on." I lead her into the studio and step back out to set up everything. 

"OMG can you hear me through these things?!" She jumps up and down in the studio as I laugh. 

"I can. What song do you want?" I ask while flipping through tracks.

"Umm... I dunno, what do yah got?"

"Hmm..." I flip through more tracks. "Do you know Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera?"

"Uh... Yeah." She hesitates, though I’m not entirely sure why.

"Is that okay then?" She nods slightly in agreement, though her mood has taken a slight fall again.

I finish setting things up, play the song, and join her in the studio.

I begin singing Ian Axel's part. 


"Say Something I'm giving up on you

I'll be the one if you want me to

Anywhere I would of followed you

Say something I'm giving up on you" 


I look over at Angel as I sing and she joins in.


"And I, am feeling so small

It was over my head

I know nothing at all" 


She brings her eyes to mine and smiles a little.


"And I, will stumble and fall

I'm still learning to love

Just starting to crawl."


The emotion in her eyes as she sings is incredible, and I feel myself falling for her even more.


"Say Something I'm giving up on you

I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

Anywhere I, would've followed you

Say something I'm giving up on you."


Our voices together sound amazing, and it seems like we where made to sing together. Every note she hits makes my note sound even better.


"And I, will swallow my pride

You're the one that I love

And I'm saying good bye."


Tears come into her eyes suddenly, but her voice isn't effected. She keeps her eyes locked with mine, and I can see the pain. I scoot closer to her and wrap my arms around her waist. Surprisingly she doesn't try and push me away, she accepts the embrace. 


"Say Something I'm giving up on you

I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

Anywhere I, would've followed you


Say something I'm giving up on 



Watching her sing through her tears makes me feel like music can fix anything. 


"Say Something I'm giving up on you


Say something."


I watch as she slowly takes her headphones off, trying to hold back her tears. And then she stops trying. She collapses into my arms and I wrap them tighter around her. She sobs into my shoulder, and I rest my head on hers. 

"I'm sorry Angel, I shouldn't of made you sing that song." I tell her. I didn't think about the connections she could have with it.

"It's- it's okay I- I just-" she says between sobs, "it reminds me of how I- loved him but- but I had to say good- goodbye." She cries.

"I know." I assure her. She begins to lift her head, but I stop her.

"Angel, you can cry if you need to. Just let it out, it'll help." 

"Okay." She whimpers and then continues to let the tears come. I sit there with my arms around her and inhale her scent, which smells like a strawberry waterfall. I feel like my lungs open up when I smell it. 

"Luke?" She interrupts my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I reply breaking the embrace to look at her. 

"Thank you." 

"For what?" I ask smiling a little.

"For a lot of things." She starts. "But mostly for helping me when I get... Like this." She gives me a pained smile. 

"You don't need to thank me Angel." I say, looking more at her lips than her eyes. "I just do it because I want to help you." 

"I'm going to thank you anyways." She replies. I can tell that she's eyeing my lip ring, and it makes me smile a bit.

We sit there in silence for a little while, just looking at each other. 

"This is awkward." She speaks first. 

"The silence?" 

"No," she shakes her head, "the guys are watching us." 

"Oh." I look out of the window and see the three slightly smirking at me. I turn back to Angel. "Then they get to see me do this.” Right in that moment I make a quick and rash decision. I smile, pulling her closer to me and kiss her softly. I feel her tense at first, but then slowly kiss me back. Her lips are soft against mine and taste amazing.

"Nice moves Luke." I hear Ashton's voice over the headphones. I pull away from Angel to make a face at him and then take my headphones off, kissing Angel again. 



Hey guys!! I really hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!! It's been written for SO long! Things are finally happening between Angel and Luke!!!! You guys excited? I am! :) Anyways sorry the chapter was kind of short! :p

Love you guys, enjoy the story! <3

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