5 Seconds to Love You

After loosing the love of her life so young, Angelisa feels like she will never love again. She has lost all hope. But that's before she meets Luke Hemmings... He opens her eyes to the reality of what happened to her, and patiently helps her through it. He shows her what real love feels like, and Angelisa finally lets her heart move on. But that's when new tragedy strikes. @copyright 2015. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission contact Beautifully Hemmings on Movellas.com


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight - Angelisa

Chapter Twenty Eight



“Mom!” I shout as I fling open my front door and sloppily kick off my shoes. I walk through the entryway and towards the kitchen, calling out for my mother again. I hear footsteps behind me, and turn around quickly, thinking it’s my mom, but it’s just the guys following me into my house. I let out a short sigh in frustration.

“Where is she?” I mutter to myself, suddenly getting nervous. I was so confident going into this situation, but now I’m scared my mom will blow me off again. I used to think she was worried about me, and that she actually cared about me making friends. But lately, it seems like all that matters to her is work. Sometimes I feel like I live completely alone.

I walk into my living room and plop down on the loveseat, already ready to give up on this “adventure.”

“I guess she’s not home.” I sigh, as Luke sits down next to me. He wraps his arm around my shoulders, and I mentally curse myself for flinching at his touch.

“I’m sure she’ll be home soon.” Luke reassures, but I’m not so convinced. Sometimes my mom doesn’t come home until really late at night because she stays for extra hours at work. Whether that’s for the money or just to be away, I don’t know.

“It’s not worth waiting.” I mumble, crossing my arms across my chest.

“Well why don’t we hang out here for a while?” Michael suggests from where him and the guys are standing in the living room entryway.

“Guys you can come sit down.” I giggle a little, but quickly fall back into my saddened mood. The three look to each other, before filing into the living room and sitting down onto the couch across from loveseat Luke and I claimed.

“I guess we could hang here.” Luke shrugs. “Angel?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess.” I shrug too, and lean back into the couch in a more comfortable position.

“What if she doesn’t like you Luke?” I whisper to him, and it comes out more of a statement than a question. My mom is very stuck to her opinions, if she doesn’t like Luke she might tell me to end whatever’s happening between us. I can’t let the only good thing that’s happened to me since Braden died be taken away. Even if it’s undefined for now.

“Don’t worry Angel.” He reassures, tightening his hold around me. “I’m a very likeable person.” I playfully punch him in the shoulder, before resting back into his chest.

“Sure you are.” I joke in attempts to lighten my mood, but it doesn’t work. For a while, all of us are quiet, no one contributing any words to break the silence.

“Let’s play a game!” Michael pronounces from his position on the couch. I smile a little at his childish nature, before nodding and dragging Luke up off the loveseat. I walk him over to a small closet in the entryway, Michael hot on our heels like a puppy waiting for a treat.

“Monopoly?” I suggest upon opening the closet, Monopoly being the first game I see.

“Too boring.” Michael complains from behind me, and I shake my head with a small smile.

“Scrabble?” I try again, moving around the many board games and decks of cards in search of something the guys would want to play.

“Too educational.” I roll my eyes at his answer, but keep searching.

“Um,” I dig deeper in the closet, looking through the various games that have piled up over the years. “What about Charades!?” I say a little too excitedly.

“I’m down.” Luke shrugs with a smile, both of us turning to Michael for his approval.


“Well if you’re so picky about what we play, why don’t you suggest something?”

“How about Truth or Dare?” Michael suggests, the words rolling so quickly off his tongue that I’m quite sure it’s what he’s had on his mind since he brought the topic of playing a game up.

“I don’t know...” I trail, unsure of how I feel about playing such a personal game with Luke and his friends.

“Come on Angel,” Luke bumps me in the shoulder, “It’ll be fun, I promise.” I want to object again, but Luke is looking down at me with his goofy grin, making it almost impossible for me to contradict his wishes. I find myself momentarily lost in a flash of remembrance of his soft lips pressed against mine in the recording studio that night, a wave of craving falling over me for his touch. I never thought this feeling would fall over me again, but lately it seems like all I think about. How did Luke Hemmings come into my life and steal my heart so easily? When no one else could, he came and helped me start to see the light in the world again.

“Fine.” I agree.

“Yes!” Michael grins with a fist bump, running back into the living room. I roll my eyes at Luke who lets out a small laugh, before we follow Michael, much less enthusiastically. “I’m asking first!” He proclaims once we’ve all entered the room. “Angel, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I answer out of nervousness for what dares the guys have up their sleeves.

“Predictable.” Michael shakes his head, before asking his question. “How many times have you kissed Luke?” My heart skips a beat at this, and a look of surprise and uncomfortableness washes onto my face. Luke turns to me and raises his eyebrows, a small grin on his face.

“I change my mind, I want a dare.” I say quickly, wanting to avoid the topic of Luke and I at all costs.

“Alright fine,” Michael agrees, “ I dare you to tell the truth.” Ugh! I make eye contact with Luke in attempts to get him to tell Michael he needs to ask a new question, but instead of helping me he just shrugs his shoulders with a smile.

“Seriously?” Michael nods his head, and I sigh. I feel so awkward and nervous right now. “I don’t know... Like four times?”

“Five.” Luke cuts in, grinning widely. “If you count that time in your kitchen.” Oh gosh, I completely forgot about that. That was single handedly one of the most awkward moments of my life. Almost as awkward as this moment right here.

“Right...” I awkwardly say, not wanting to reminisce on that kiss anymore than necessary.

“I want to ask next!” Ashton proclaims like a small child, breaking the awkward atmosphere, the look on his face revealing that he has a good question or dare brewing inside of him. I let out a small sigh of relief that we are moving on from the topic of Luke and I kissing, but I so obviously jumped to conclusions.

“Lucas Robert Hemmings,” he starts, “truth or dare?”

“Dare.” He responds, a sly grin on his face saying he’s ready for anything.

“I dare you to give us a replay of what we saw the other night in our recording studio.” A devilish smirk breaks out on his lips, as Luke quickly snaps his head towards me, his face full of concern. He’s biting his lip, as am I, and I have no idea what to say.

“Guys, come on.” Luke says, his voice uneven and uncertain. “Really?”

“Well it’s nothing new for you two, is it?” Michael grins, and I feel a dropping feeling in my stomach. Yes I’ve kissed Luke before, but kissing him in front of his best friends when I barely know what’s happening between us was not on my agenda for the day. They saw us kiss in the recording studio, but this is different, this would be purposely showing affection towards Luke for the guys’ enjoyment. And along with that, I know I’m closed off and awkward with relationships. I know that every time Luke gets close to me I back away or flinch, I can’t help it. It’s not because i don’t like him, because I am starting to realize that I really do, but that I haven’t honestly trusted anyone since I lost Braden. Every time Luke goes to kiss me, I mentally kick myself for hesitating. I always tell myself I won't, but it always seems to happen. I really don’t want the guys to see that.

“I...” The short word squeaks out of my mouth, but I don’t say anything more.

“Ash...” Luke trails, shaking his head to himself. He turns to look at me again, and I feel my heart begin to beat faster.

“Well don’t you like her?” Ashton asks Luke, but Luke keeps his gaze on me. 

“Of course I do.” He replies, smiling at me despite the awkward air around us, and I find myself smiling back at him.

“And don’t you like him?” Ashton now asks me.

“I... O- Of course I do.” I stutter, but still get out the words Luke spoke about me.

“Then fucking kiss the bride already!” He groans, waiting for a response from us. I tilt my head at Luke, and shrug my shoulders to say, “why not.” I’m not sure what brings me to do it, but there’s some sudden burst of confidence inside of me that I want to seize because I know it won’t hang around for long. Luke looks surprised for a second, but then quickly smiles and leans in closer to me, closer and closer until his lips are almost on mine, but I’m the one who closes the gap. Me being the one who starts the kiss is the only way I won’t show any hesitation, and still let his lips be pressed against mine. His warm lips feel so soft against mine, and I get lost in the moment. The moment that I know lasts way longer than planned, the moment that I know is growing more intimate by the second, the moment that is making the guys exclaim cheers at Luke. The moment that too quickly is turning into something foreign and scary to me. I haven’t kissed someone like this since...

“Angel? oh my go-!” I suddenly hear the slam of the front door and my mother's panicky and startled voice. I quickly push Luke away from me, and scramble to the other side of the couch. My mother is standing in the entryway staring at the scene laid out in front of her, her jaw dropped and face twisted into a stunned expression. I look at Luke, his eyes portraying the nervousness I feel, neither of us daring to speak a word.

“Hi, Mrs. Islea.” Calum waves a hand tentatively, a gesture my mom definitely does not return.

“Angel?” She asks me sternly, “Who are these young men? Who is that boy you were kissing?”

“Uh, hey mom,” I awkwardly stand up and run my hands down my shirt. “Nice to see you too.” I avoid eye contact with her at first, keeping my eyes locked on the laces of Luke’s shoes.

“Don’t ‘hey mom’ me young lady,” she steps closer to me. “Who are these boys?”

“Some friends,” I start, unwilling to elaborate, but a nudge from Luke who’s found his way to my side pushes me to continue. “Luke,” I gesture to him, “and his friends and band mates.” She looks at me for more, and I roll my eyes in frustration. “Luke, you know, the one that you bitched out for getting chocolate all over the house?” I try. She’s still for a moment, before her eyes widen in anger, and I’m afraid she’s going to lash out at me while the four guys are here watching.

She looks back and forth from me to Luke, multiple times before looking Luke up and down once, twice, three times, before; “I thought I forbid you from seeing this boy?” Her voice grows more harsh than before, and my body tenses up. A short and unidentifiable noise comes from Luke, and I turn to look at him, his eyes confused and worried.

“She told you not to see me anymore?” He asks quietly. “Angel, you went behind your mother’s back to see a boy you barely knew?”

“Shhh,” I shake my head at him. “It was worth it wasn’t it?” I squeak out with a small smile, before turning back to my mom, her hard stare cutting through me like a knife through rock.


“I don’t want him in my house Angel,” she cuts me off, “none of them!” She shakes her head in frustration, before gathering herself and pointing towards the door. “All of you, out.”

“Mom!” I groan out annoyed, as she continues to extend her hand towards the door.

“Mom!” I yell this time, as I watch Michael, Ashton, and Calum all nervously and solemnly walk out the door, Luke trailing behind them.

“Mom!” I try louder, just as Luke approaches the doorway. My insides twist, and my heart clenches in a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. I suck in my breath sharply, and try to push away the feeling in my chest, but it won’t fade. It’s almost as if with every step Luke takes towards the door, a piece of my heart breaks off. “Mom, I’m falling in love with him!” I shout suddenly, as loud as I can, watching as Luke stops dead in his tracks. He slowly turns around and my mom’s head tilts slightly, but the anger doesn’t leave her face.

“A- Angel-” Luke stutters from the door, his jaw dropped open in awe and a overjoyed yet surprised look in his eyes. I grin back at him, wishing we were somewhere else right now, somewhere where we could be alone and away from the reigns of my mom.

“How can you fall in love with someone you barely even know Angel?” My mom counters, pulling me back into the reality of my crazy mother, wiping my grin right off my face.

“I know him mom.” I say quietly, “I know him better than I know you sometimes.” My voice is low and harsh, a tone I don’t recognize from myself. My mom seems unfazed by my comment though, and carries on with her anger and unreasonable view.

“Angel are you forgetting who carried you through the death of Braden?” I tense slightly at the mention of Braden, or maybe it’s due to the fact that she’s bringing him up in this argument. “Are you forgetting that I was there for that? How can you fall in love with someone after losing him Angel? You’re mind is just trying to fill the void in your life with someone new.” That’s what I thought in the beginning too.’ I think to myself, before remembering that it’s so much more than that now. My mother shakes her head, and begins to walk away from me, but the anger boiling up inside of me is ready to erupt. I’m not going to let her take the only good thing I’ve found in over a year away from me. At least not without fighting to save it first.

“No you know what mom?” I yell at her, so loud the neighbors can probably hear me. “Just because you never let yourself find someone again after dad died doesn’t mean I can’t. Braden will always be with me, but he isn’t dragging me down anymore.” I let out a long and deep breath, ready to finally tell her what a horrible mother she’s been this past year. “You should be happy for me, mom! You should be happy that I’m trying to live my life, that I’m getting out of my depression! You said it yourself six months ago, I was depressed, but you didn’t try to help me. You sucked me into your own shallow and closed off world. And now I found people who are pulling me out of that dark hole you dug for me. I found someone who can help me, someone who did.” I look over at Luke, who’s still in the doorway, and address the rest of what I need to tell my mother, while looking into his beautiful blue eyes. “That boy in our doorway is my savior, the only person who’s actually been able to make me feel like my life still has purpose. He’s helped me see the world in color again, he’s shown me how to feel again. So send him away,” I shake my head, “send him away if you want. But when I fall back into depression and you’re left to deal with it all alone, when I close myself off from the rest of the world for good, there will be no one to blame but yourself.” I feel a tear slip from the corner of my eye, and immediately throw my hand up to wipe it away. I’m not showing any weakness right now, at least not while my mother is still in the room. So many months of anger and disappointment have finally come to the surface, and it feels so, so good to get them out.

“A- Angel...” My mother stutters. “I didn’t know-”

“No.” I say sternly, a little frightened by the confidence I’ve had for the past five minutes. “It’s too late for an apology mom. What it isn’t too late for is a change.” I let out a strong breath and nod my head a little, as reassurance to myself that I said what needed to be said, and that nothing was out of line.

I gather myself, then turn towards the door where Luke still stands, flashing him a smile that I know looks weak. I’m “this” close to breaking down, my strength wearing off quicker than it appeared. I need to get out of this house, even if it’s just for a little while.

“Where are you going?” My mom asks as I grab Luke’s hand, and intertwine our fingers together.

“With my savior.” I lift our hands up into the air, before pulling Luke out the door with me, and giving it a good hard slam behind me.

It isn’t until the door is completely closed that I finally break down and cry.



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