Café Tuesdays

Hannah Green, a normal freshman, participating in bible study, soccer, and cheerleading has just found her idol. Hiding from the paparazzi he hangs around the coffee shop she lives near. But when she starts having feelings and the ex comes back, what will he decide? Who is he?


2. Tables 4 & 5

As I walk into the café I spot my study group at Table 4, where we always sit. The leader, Alexis Maier, has not arrived yet. She's always late. The four of us are great friends - Brittany Fult, Lily Nite, Alexis Maier, and I, Hannah Green. I had known Brittany since 1st grade and the rest I met at church. We all take out our devotionals and start talking about chapter 5. Chapter 5? I think I just finished Chapter 4?!? We aren't on that one! But my thoughts were quickly interrupted. An adorable looking man comes waltzing in the café with Alexis next to him. They give each other a longing stare and part their ways. He heads up to the register and she heads over to us.

"Who's the hunk?" We all ask.

"Just my ex." She says, but we can all see it's more.

The blond-haired brown-eyed cutie sits at the table next to us. Table 5. Brittany bats her eyes and I fix my hair as Alexis says "His name is Josh.

I realize he's staring right at me and unbutton the top if my blouse. His brown eyes are fixed on my now. "Ahem" Alexis says, snapping us both out of our gazes "let's get to work."

Josh stayed at the café until we left. Every once in a while we would look at each other and share a shy smile.

When we got up to leave Josh pulled me aside and introduced himself. "I'm Josh Hutcherson" he said, I couldn't breathe Josh Hutcherson was standing right there in front of me, I knew he looked familiar! He told me that he had been watching me and that he liked what he saw. My heart skipped a beat. Josh Hutcherson liking me?

"Hannah" Brittany called from her car, she was taking me home.

" I gotta go" I said.

He quickly slipped me a white sheet with the numbers 457-2399 on it. "Call Me" he whispered as he walked out the door.

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