Graffiti Boy // Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings has been completely head over heels in love with Emma Jamison since the second grade. They were known throughout school for their adventures. But one night everything changes and shy little Luke Hemmings well let's just say Luke becomes a little more than just a Graffiti Boy


2. Chapter 2

I swallowed as she looked at me with complete and udder mischeif written all over her moon lit skin and I knew there was no way I could resist her when she was looking at me like that, I never could. I grabbed the green spray paint from beside me and I grinned at her "Let's go" I whispered and her beautiful smile lit her face like a christmas tree.

Emma was always fun to do this sort of stuff with it was so different to what I was used to and I loved every second of it. The way she would make dramatic music as we opened the gates to the Sander mansion. The sudden look of concentration that would encase her face and the way she would bite her bottom lip in fear that we would be caught I just loved being with her.

A huge oak tree occupied the Sanders garden it's roots coiled deep beneath the ground, it's autumn leaves a beautiful auburn colour under the light of the moon. 
"C'mon Lukey" she grinned as began to quickly scale the old oak. Hayden's parents knew about Hayden and Emma of course they loved Emma to death I mean who wouldn't she's pure perfection . But Emma knew that if she had simply just said "Hey Miss Sanders I just found out your son, my boyfriend was cheating on me with the biggest bitch in the world" wouldn't go down so well. So she like the genuis she was had scaled the tree like a lizard and sat quietly waiting for me to climb up

I swear to God I was not built for climbing trees in the middle of the night , or at all to be honest. I was too god damn lanky for this, Emma looked at me trying to stifle her laughter and she sat on the tree waiting for me to finally scale the tree.

"Em this isn't funny" I whine as I get my footing on the bark of the tree and pull myself up so our faces are inches apart so close that if I leaned an inch closer our lips would be connected. I could feel her hot breathe as she inhaled deeply as we just stayed there for a few seconds just staring at each other in silence before she grabbed one of my hands and pulled me up onto the branch of the tree she was sitting on. Her spray can was stuck tightly in her jean pocket and the other hand that wasn't pulling me up was holding into the wooden baseball bat.I sat next to her and she awkwardly tried to shove the spray can bottle further into her jeans.

"Hold this" she whispers as she hands me the baseball bat as she tries to stand up on the tree and she braces herself against the hollow of the tree. I slowly get up behind her my black vans camoflauged under the dark night sky as she sits down near the window sill. I follow behind her as her fragile body jumps onto the the white windowsill I easily climb over my long legs an advantage in our current situation. She opened the windowsill and climbed inside of the spare room of the Sander's household. I stood awkwardly on the windowsill.

"Emma I'm scared" I whimper as I grip tighter on to the top ledge trying to hold myself up which wasn't exactly easy when your 6"4 I can tell you that. She looks at me shaking her head and smiling slightly before she reaches out her hand.

"Come here big boy" her voice silky smooth as she grabs one of my hands and pulls me through the window. It was one of the seven guest rooms at the Sanders household. There was a neatly made queen sized bed, a chest of draws, a desk and a bedside table which held a photo of Emma and Hayden from when they went camping last summer together. 
" This is my bedroom" she whispers and I nod slightly not daring to say a thing as her hands wrapped around the baseball bat. She looked at me and the door and I knew that our adventure had just started.

She didn't try to hide the fact that we were here, to be honest she didn't have too the house was so big it would be a miracle if you could hear it from the other side of the house but I was me and I was worried we were going to get caught.
" Calm down Luke everything's fine" she whispers to me trying to stop me from shaking 
" You know perfectly well everything is not fine, we are breaking and entering, this is illegal, oh my god Emma this is illegal" I began to ramble my nerves getting the better of me before she grabbed me by the wrist and looked me straight in the eye with those god damn big baby blue eyes of hers.
" Lucas everything is fine" she whispers putting her hand in mine in an attempt to calm me down.
"Okay?" She whispered smiling. I shook my head.
" You and your god damn Fault In Out Stars references" I laughed quietly. She didn't say anything just smiled at me and squeezed my hand a little tighter.

The Sanders household was a maze of rooms I realised as we turned round about the sixth corner in the last five minutes. We began to walk up the stairs when we heard a booming deep voice beneath us. 
" Who goes there?" the voice said and I froze in complete and udder terror. I looked over at Emma who just took a big breathe and smiled at me. I quirked an eyebrow at her and looked at her confused.
"It's just me Mr. Sanders" she replied her voice oozing with sweetness and she let go of my hand only to grab my wrist and begin to walk down the stairs.

Once we got down the staircase I was surprised to see the principal of Stoneridge High and also Dad of Hayden Sanders in a night gown and slippers a cup of tea in one and his arms wrapped around Hayden's mum Angie in the other. 
" Emma!" They both squealed in delight before both embracing Emma at the same time a smile on her face.
" Hi Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Sanders" she smiled politely at them.
" What are you doing here lovely?" They asked obviously happy to have her here.
She was silent for a moment her face dead panning before she grinned again.
" Just came by to see Hayden. Came by to give him his baseball bat he left in my car the other day" she lied smiling through it with gritted teeth.
" I hope you didn't mind I came through the back door" she quickly said coming up with a quick excuse as to how she had gotten into the house.

" And who is this handsome young man?" Angie smiled at Emma slightly her pink lipstick bright on her cracked lips.
" Um this is Luke , he's one of Hayden's and my friends from school" she said simply. I smiled awkwardly as both of Hayden's parents gave me a quick nod of the head and a flash of a smile each.
" Nice to meet you Mrs.Sanders" I say shaking her hand.
" Principal Sanders" I nodded my head towards him.
" Just call me John we aren't at school Lucas" he smiled politely. I nodded my head not daring to say anything else.
" Well were off to watch Real Housewives of Sydney so if you need Hayden he's up in his room studying love" Angie smiled as she walked away with Mr. Sanders.
"Yeah of course studying" Emma mumbled as she took my hand in hers again as we climbed the stairs.

Emma grip tightened around the baseball bat as we approached Hayden's door. She began to shake like an earthquake her hand resting on the bronze doorknob. She wasn't crying but her breathing increased and her body began to heave again. I pushed my spray can further into the pockets of my grey hoodie before pulling her away from the doorknob and into my embrace, my arms right around her.
" I don't know if I can do this Luke" she whispers into my hoodie.
" That's stupid Emma" I whisper into her hair and she looks up at me hurt and she opens her mouth as if she's about to say something.
" Hey you didn't let me finish it's stupid because if anyone can do this Em, it's you" I mumble bringing her back into my embrace.
She looks at me and smiles slightly.
"Lets do this" she smirks and grabs the door handle an it swings open.

What I saw next will haunt me for the rest of my life. Victoria Weddlestone lay naked underneath Hayden who as you can probably guess was naked as well and you can also probably guess what kind of erhem activity there were doing. Emma didn't say anything, she didn't do anything she just stood there she wasn't crying wasn't yelling she just stood there until Hayden looked up finally and looked at her and froze. Whimpers of complaint emerged from Victoria's lips before she looked to where Hayden's eyes were glued and screamed.

Everything happen very fast after that Victoria screamed again grabbed her clothes and ran outside the room as fast as she could and Hayden dived for his pair of Bonds boxer shorts on the floor and quickly got them on as Emma stood there observing not saying anything.
Finally Hayden looked at her and said
" Baby girl I can explain l promise I can explain"
Emma flinched at his words before softly mumbling something I couldn't even hear. Hayden walked towards her 
" What was that baby girl?" He asked wrapping his hands around her waist.
His touch set her off.

"How many are there?" She whispered again removing his hands of her waist and slightly shuffling closer to me.
"How many what?" He asked dumbfounded
I could tell Emma was about to explode her teeth were gritted her eyes were hard and her hands were gripped tightly around the baseball bat her knuckles white.

"Side bitches how many god damn side bitches do you have you little shit" her voice sounded like liquid poision.
Hayden swallowed and began to fiddling with his hands.
"Why does it matter? I know your screwing Luke anyway" he mutters. 
"Screw-" her eyes widen. " You think I'm
screwing Luke you little asswipe" She says her voice so calm it was almost terrifying.
" I don't think" he said gritting his teeth. " I know" he said poking Emma on the shoulder.

" Well your wrong you little bitch were just friends always have been always will be" she said looking at me quickly. I could hear the sound of my heart breaking in my chest.
" Lily told me" he says looking her dead straight in the eyes. All I heard was the yelling and screaming after that but all I could focus on was the tears streaming down her face as he stormed out of the room in a fit of anger.

I ran to her as fast as I could and locked her in my embrace mumbling into her hair as sobs racked her body like a tidal wave. The crying stopped after a short while only to be replaced by anger. Emma grabbed the baseball bat tight in her small hands and walked over to Hayden's trophy case which was filled with years worth of trophies.

"Em" I warned. She didn't say anything just looked at me her eyes bloodshot from crying, her nose pink and her cheeks flushed. She opened the case door and grabbed out his most grand position. A gold trophy he had won at a national league game.

The bat came down on it quickly the hard wood shattering the trophy into an oblivion. Emma repeatedly smashed the bat against the shards of the trophy left trying to get the hurt and anger out of her system. I step behind her my arms resting on the curve of her hip the other holding her arm restraining her from hitting the remains of the broken trophy.

"It's okay" I whisper and she nods slowly before turning around so were facing each other. Our faces are inches apart, I can feel breathe tickling my face as I lean down to look at her. Her lips are swollen and red and I have the utter most desire to kiss her but I knew my place and that wasn't right.

"Get out your spray paint can" she whispered suddenly. I grabbed the green can out of my hoodie. 
"Now come over here" she said a little louder as she gestured towards a white wall. 
"Open the lid" she ordered. I did what I was told I wasn't in the mood for arguing with her tonight.
She grabbed my arm guiding me.
" Now spray"

By the time our cans had run out we had written an L in green a E in pink and drew a love heart combining the colours around it. 
" You did a good job Lukey" she smiles.
"Yeah?" I respond.
"Yep might have to make you my official graffiti boy" she smirked and I gave her a wry smile.
I liked the sound of that.
Liked the sound of being her graffiti boy.

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