Graffiti Boy // Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings has been completely head over heels in love with Emma Jamison since the second grade. They were known throughout school for their adventures. But one night everything changes and shy little Luke Hemmings well let's just say Luke becomes a little more than just a Graffiti Boy


1. Chapter 1

I walked up to her house and swung myself up the familiar of our tree fort that we had built when we were 4. Posters were lazily clinging to the walls with blue-tack and a box full of records lay on the floor.

I flipped through them, reading the titles; Blink 182My Chemical Romance,Sleeping with Sirens and All Time Low. I smiled to myself; she had always had such an amazing taste in music.

I heard some rustles of bushes from beneath me and I knew it was her. Suddenly she was standing in front of me, her eyes bright with excitement and mischief. Her honey brown hair was ruffled and she wore a black sweater that was about four times her size.

"Hey Luke…" She whispered; her voice soft but filled with untold trouble.

It was a game we played.

We would go on adventures together. Go do the crazy things –which were probably illegal– that we could think of.

I was a good student… My grades were good, I had a stable social life and my home life was pretty good too, but something about Emma Jamison got me hooked. She was fearless, she was brave, she was beautiful and I had been head over heels in love with her since the second grade.

"Hey Emma," I replied; the sound of her name almost sacred as it rolled off my tongue so easily.

She smiled a small half smile at me that made my knees go weak as silence filled the tree house, only to be broken by the sound of her phone buzzing and I couldn’t help it as I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Hayden…" she whispered, trailing off.

My eyes hardened and my hands curled into fists as she walked down the stairs with her phone next to her ear.

Hayden had been Emma’s boyfriend for 9 and a half months and counting. He was the school’s trophy boy, his great grandfather had started Greenridge Secondaryand his dad was the principle. Hayden had just scored a sport scholarship at a top university in Australia, as well as a modelling contract with Abercrombie & Fitch as soon as he gets out of school.

Emma wasn’t the most popular girl in school, but she definitely wasn’t a geek. It had been a surprise to all of us when we found out that they had started dating. I remember crying into my pillow that night, so absolutely shattered that she was so naïve; that she couldn’t see the affection I held towards her.

There had always been rumours swirling around the corridors about Hayden cheating on Emma, but no one could ever prove anything and she refused to give up on him without proof. I knew something was wrong when she climbed back up the stairs with her jaw clenched and her fragile hands balled into little white fists behind her side. Her rosy cheeks were stained with tears and slight mascara marks were blotched below her eyes.

"Emma… What’s wro-" I began to ask, but she cut me off by grabbing my wrist tightly and tugging me down the wooden stairs.

She dragged me towards the white minivan she owned, saying nothing and letting the silence consume us. She hopped into the driver’s seat, her fragile hands tightly wrapping around the leather clad steering wheel.

Emma drove for miles without saying a single word. The only sound was the constant beep of messages coming through her phone.

Suddenly it got too much for her and she pulled over into the emergency lane, picking up her phone and beginning to read the messages. She read them one by one, and her body began to heave and stammer with sadness.

When I first tried to pat her back she only jerked away from the sudden touch before completely giving up and burying herself in my chest. The sweet smell of peppermint soap filled my nose and I could feel her tears began to stain my shirt.

"Em, what’s wrong, sweetheart?" I mumbled into her honey hair.


As soon as the words left her mouth, I felt my hands clench into fists as I held her tighter.

“Em… I’m so sorry,” I whispered as she began to shake within my arms.

"He cheated on me… with Lilly!" She sobbed, clinging tighter to me.

Lilly McPherson was the most popular girl in school, head cheerleader, prom queen… You name everything a teenage girl wanted or wanted to be, and Lilly had it.

There was only one problem with Lilly McPherson, though. She was the biggest backstabbing bitch that has ever walked this earth.

Emma stopped shaking and looked up at me with those eyes of pure azure; her hands were still fisted in my white shirt.

She didn’t look upset anymore, she just looked angry. She looked like she was about to go and burn down everything and stand in the ashes of the world that stood beneath her.

"You can say it now." She stated, looking me dead in the eyes. 

“Say what?” I asked and quirked my eyebrow at her, extremely confused at her statement. Her top lip curled the slightest bit at me, a disbelieving expression coating her beautiful features.

“I told you so,” She sighed out in a small voice that resembled a four year olds.
“Oh,” I said, laughing slightly.

"Well, I told you so!" I grinned at her.

She smiled ever so slightly before releasing herself from me and putting her hands back on the wheel, pulling off the emergency lane and back onto the almost empty highway.

“So, my lovely little Lucas,” She said, her eyes concentrated on the road, but she was smirking slightly.

"Yes, Em?" I asked simply as I watched all the lights passing by as we sped down the highway.

"Tonight is all about sweet revenge," She replied, a wicked smile stuck on her pretty pink lips.

"Em…" I warned. 

She looked at me and I knew there was no point in arguing with her, at least not tonight. She ignored me and made a quick turn off the highway, pulling into the nearest shopping centre parking lot. 

"C’mon," She said as she hopped out of the van.

I jumped out of the minivan and zipped up my leather jacket as she grabbed a flannel out of the back off the van before slipping it on her small body. I chuckled softly when I realised that it was one of my old flannels from the last time we went on one of our adventures together. She looked at me and grinned.

"It’s really warm and so soft… So I put it on whenever I get cold." She explained, tugging on the worn out sleeves of my old flannel.
I grinned at her and took her hand in mine as we walked through the doors of the supermarket. She let go of my hand and told me to grab some shopping baskets before skipping over to the crafts aisle, grinning at me before she held up a singular can of blue spray paint.

We eventually left the supermarket with a complete basket full of spray paint cans, all in assorted colours, many cans of V and Redbull, and a few bags of chips and candy. We put the spray paint in the back of the van, taking a bottle of V each and a pack of salt and vinegar chips before we hopped back into the front of the van.

"I haven’t had V in forever!" I laughed, taking a sip of the clear liquid.

"I always thought it had tasted of boiled lollies…" She laughed too, shaking her head slightly and I couldn’t help but smile because she was so perfect without even realising… Even when she had just found out that her long term boyfriend had cheated on her and that her slight make up was all gone. She looked completely and utterly perfect in the moonlight.

"Why are you staring at me like that, Lukey?" She wondered out loud as she reversed out of the car park and back onto the road. 

Because I’m in love with you.

"Just haven’t seen your face in a while, that’s all…" I muttered, trailing off.
"Luke, I saw you like, two days ago," She responded whilst I attempted to open the bag of salt and vinegar chips.

"Well, that must be too long then," I teased, poking my tongue out at her. 

She didn’t say anything, just took a chip out of the bag and began to nibble on it, smiling slightly.

"So… Are you going to tell me where we’re going?" I asked, taking the last chip out of the bag and quickly eating it.

We had been driving for about half an hour and we were heading towards Mount Kingston, basically where all the rich kids lived. 

"Patience, my dear Lucas." She said, looking at me for a moment.

Her lips were red and plump from the mixture of salt and vinegar chips, and I had the sudden urge to kiss her. 

She looked back at the road taking a sharp left turn down Sisle Avenue. Large mansions filled the streets of Mount Kingston. 

"Lukey, can you grab me a spray can please?" She asked sweetly as the car began to slow down. I nodded and reached behind me, grabbing the first bottle I could reach –which happened to be bright green– and handing it to her. She placed it next to her. 

“You’re going to need one too,” She stated, looking out the window.

I reached behind me once again, grabbing another can. I immediately groaned, and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

I got pink!" I whined, but she only shook her head, laughing at me.

"Can we swap please Emma?” I begged, jutting out my bottom lip like a little puppy dog, making her sigh heavily. She picked up the can of green spray paint from beside her and handed it to me, smiling slightly and shaking her head. 

“Only you Luke, only you…”

She stopped outside a large house on the waterfront; number 72. A massive sign was nailed into the marbled white pillars of the front door

The Sanders Househould. Proud family of Mount Kingstone since ’64.

It was Hayden’s house, I realised suddenly. Emma gripped the spray can in one hand and a large baseball bat that she had gotten out of the back of the car. She looked like she could kill right now. Like she could burn down the world with one command.

She opened the door and we both hopped out of the car, sitting on the hood of the minivan for a little bit. She looked at me, and I examined the moonlight that was illuminating her facial features, making her look like a real life angel. Her eyes were shining balls of aqua against the dark night sky; I could stare into them forever.

She nudged me slightly and placed both the spray paint and baseball bat beside her before she grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her shoulders, snuggling into my chest. We stayed like that for a little while, nothing said, just the calming sound of the water from the lake and the sound of our breathing mingling together.

She looked at me like she is about to say something, but bites her lip and shakes her head, not telling me what she was going to say; instead taking the bat and the spray can and grinning at me.

"You ready to do some graffiti?"

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