A concert turned into a dream

Alice Stoop has always dreamed of meeting Black Veil Brides. Just seeing them in person was good enough for her but could more happen?


5. Who?


I heard the bus door opened and jumped away from Ashley right before CC rounded the corner.

"Bus is about to leave," I nodded jogged towards the bus. I took a moment to catch my breathe before opening the door and climbing into the bus.

"You look a bit....flushed?" Andy said motioning me to the back. I careflully walked through the small living room full of sleeping BVB members. I followed him to the bunk room "What's up?" I started taking off my shoes.

"You ok?" I hesitated before nodding. Andy raised his eyebrows.

I sighed "Ashley asked me umm something then uhh unexpectedly kissed me.." I looked down at my hands.

"Dammit," Andy whispered. I softly smiled to myself not looking up does he like me?

"Did you enjoy it? Do you like him?" My heart skipped a beat.

"Why do you care?" I looked up tilting my head.

"Just wondering," Andy ran a hand through his hair.

I bit my lip looking away "well it doesn't matter," I turned away to walk out. Andy grabbed my wrist pulling me back pushing my against a small space of the wall.

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