A concert turned into a dream

Alice Stoop has always dreamed of meeting Black Veil Brides. Just seeing them in person was good enough for her but could more happen?


7. Virginitys and hidden closets

All was forgiven between Ashely and I. But, Andy and I? Not even I know. Ashley told me to go for it with Andy, but Jake says to wait.

Anyways. I don't remember much of last night. we all went clubbing I met a guy and we got a hotel room. I don't remember what he looks like or who he was.

I stretched waking up I felt warm breath on my neck. He was still asleep. I noticed I was in my bra and underwear. Fuck I'm a virgin! Or was? Scared a sat up and turned to look at who May have taken my virginity.

Sleeping peacefully in his boxers was Andy.

My hands flew to my mouth," No no no no," I screamed grabbing the covers pulling them over my chest.

Andy bolted up when he was fully aware of what was happening.

"Did we?"

"I don't know!"

"We couldn't have!"

"I would hope not!"

He got up pacing the room trying to remember last night.

"Put on some clothes please!" I begged coving my eyes with my free hand.

He looked down at his boxers quickly snatching his jeans from last night off the floor.

I grabbed the closest arrival of clothing near me without having to come out of the covers.

It just so happened to be his black shirt.

"Let's just be calm and try to remember everything. We don't have hangovers so we couldn't have been that drunk. We should piece by piece know some stuff right?"

He nodded sitting on the bed.

"I do remember us getting the room. And making out," he slowly said the last part as if it hit him his eyes widened.

"What?" I got nervous.

"You weren't a.....virgin were you?" I bit my lip and nodded.

"Shit," he mumbled looked around pausing and picked something off the floor holding it up.

It was a condom wrapper.

I felt tears come before Andy crumbled it up throwing it in the trash can and coming over to me.

"Shhh, Alice, don't cry it's alright," he wrapped his long arms around my body.

"That was my virginity, Andy, and I don't even remember losing it!" I cried into his arms.

"I know, but at least it was with someone you know and a condom was used."

I nodded as Andy wiped my tears away with his thumb. He looked at me deep in thought.

He cupped my cheeks kissing me softly.

"Never got to finish my kiss from the bus." He whispered pulling away, "The right way of course thought."

I looked up at him all I could hear in my head was Ashley saying go for it and Jake saying wait. Well we did have sex last night, unaware of it though.

I pushed the thoughts aside

I pushed him over onto the bed and smiled, "Who said you finished?"

Andy gave me his famous smirk flipping us, "Oh it's finished, but let's start a new one."

He passionately yet slowly kissed me pinning my arms above my head. I struggled against his grip which only got stronger.

"I'll let you go if I get total control," I bit my lip slowly nodding and he let go. My hands flew to his hair tangling my fingers in it.

The kiss got heated and I started fumbling with his zipper.


"I appreciate you being concerned, Andy, but seriously, it's not like I'm a virgin or a whore," we both laughed while he kicked his jeans off left in his boxers.

I let him lift his shirt off of me. I kept my eyes on his his as he took in my body. This is the first time he's seen me almost naked. Well other than last night of course.

Andy fell next to me out of breathe," Let's call THAT our and your first time," I nodded. "We have to head back to the bus. I gotta run some errands so you go ahead over."

I groaned as Andy sat up pulling his boxers on," I know babe I don't want this moment to end either," he kissed my forehead as we parted outside the hotel.

I got onto the tour bus stepping into the living room, "You had sex! Wait.. you lost your virginity!"

I froze as Ashley pointed at me smirking the rest of the guys mouths dropped.

"Who was he?! How was it?!" Ashley tugged me onto the couch.

"You sound like a bunch of girls. I don't remember and don't remember had a lot to drink last night." I shrugged it off.

They nodded right then Andy walked in, "SHE LOST HER VIRGINITY!" They all pointed at me.

"Interesting," Andy snuck a wink at my sitting across from me next to CC.

*a couple hours later*

I got up to go to the bathroom and felt someone cover my mouth pulling me into the closest. It was dark and I heard the person lock the door from the inside.

"Andy?" I whispered it was to dark for my eyes to adjust to it.

"Hey,babe, I'm kinda liking this secret relationship we have going on. No one bothering us and no fans or media," his voice got quieter and I felt him get closer.

He kissed me once, "relationship?" I smiled he called me babe and apparently we had a relationship.

"Well our friends with benefits relationship."

My heart fell did he really not have feelings for me? "Oh?"

He kissed me and of course I kissed back I really couldn't resist him I mean have you seen the mans lips?!

"Is that alright?" He kissed my forehead.

"I just didn't think I would loose my virginity for a friends with benefits relationship..."

I heard Andy sigh, " I was afraid you only let me take it because I was a rockstar of your favorite band. I didn't want a relationship that had meaning to me and not you. But the truth in I want you I want you so badly," his forehead rested on mine.

"Andy, I've been with you guys for 2 months now. If you would've tried to get me in bed when we first met nothing at all would've happened. I want you to," I whispered the last part my arms loosely going around his neck.

"Be mine," he whispered inches apart from my lips.

I nodded kissing him. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he brought me to his height. Passionately he kissed me before moving to my neck. I bit my finger trying not to moan as he found my sweet spot.

"Andy, there gonna hear us!" I whispered.

"But Aliiiiii! I love your moan," he continued to kiss my neck.

"Andy!" A small moan escaped my lips.

"Even more beautiful when you moan my name," he kissed up to my lips.

That's when I felt it on my thigh.

I giggled, "Andy,tell mini you he isn't getting lucky in this closet...or any closet."

"I know that, but he he has a mind of his own!" I laughed covering his mouth.

He put me down and I frowned, "We have to leave sometime before they figure something's up," he pulled his phone out texting the guys. I covered my mouth and smiled.

"What?" He smiled.

"Your lips are swollen," his hand went up to his mouth before turning his phone to face me.

"So are yours, babe," he kissed me once more his phone vibrating. "There all in the living room," he grabbed my hand unlocking the door cracking it open peaking out. He slid the rest of it open we got out before quickly closing it and running to the bunk room.

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