A concert turned into a dream

Alice Stoop has always dreamed of meeting Black Veil Brides. Just seeing them in person was good enough for her but could more happen?


10. Guilt

mAlice's P.O.V 

I stepped out of the shower swiping my hand over the steamy mirror. The bus went over a bump and I caught myself on the sink. I sighed rolling my eyes I'm starting to hate this bus. I brushed my hair then slipped into my clothes. Black ripped jeans and a flowy purple shirt. 

I walked out and saw CC on the couch. "Cecilia!!" I went jumped next to him.

"It's Christian! Not Cecilia!" He laughed pushing me off the couch. 

"Someones on their period," I mumbled as he stuck his tongue out at me. Andy walked out shirtless in sweatpants. His hair was messy he reached up and rubbed his face. 

CC nudged me mouthing the words 'you totally like him' I rolled my eyes getting up and following Andy to the kitchens hen flicking CC off. I walked in and hugged Andy. He went to  kiss me, but I moved away. "Andy, I feel like   this is moving really fast. I wanna go back home  for a bit." I looked up and Andy just looked hurt. "No no no I'm not calling this off I'm slowing if down because I don't wanna go too fast. Plus, I miss home."                                                                                              


 "Yeah, uh ok, I'll buy you plane ticket now."     

"No, Andy, you don't have to buy my-" 

He walked out and guilt flooded through my veins. I walked back to the bunks. "Your flight leaves in 2 hours we have to leave now to catch it." He walked past me with my stuff. I held back tears following him the bus pulled up to the hotel and Andy talked to the tour manager before calling a cab over.

I sat down looking at my hands as the announcer said 10 minutes till boarding. Andy looked was looking down at his phone next to me. I went to grab his hand he grabbed mine and squeezed it letting it go. I sighed and stood up as it was time to board the plane. Andy gave me a hug no goodbye, no kiss, nothing. I got on the plane not turning back I felt my phone buzz I stopped and looked at my phone. 

'I'll miss you -Andy'


My heart fluttered at the tiny bit of hope.                           




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