A concert turned into a dream

Alice Stoop has always dreamed of meeting Black Veil Brides. Just seeing them in person was good enough for her but could more happen?


8. Don't take my pizza

I stood backstage eating a slice of pizza waiting for the guys to finish changing so I could go back into the dressing room. I heard a knock signaling I could go back. I walking in and Jake jumped up taking my pizza.

I darted and picked his guitar up holding it over my head everyone froze, "One bite and your guitar pile of scraps."

Jake slowly put my pizza down and I handed his to him happily picking my pizza up.

The guys slowly went back to getting ready as I took another bite from my pizza.

The guys were about to go on stage and Andy and CC were doing backstage "rituals." Andy held CC's waist counting to three. When he reached three CC jumped and Andy lifted humans he touched the ceiling.

I laughed remembering that from once of there BryanStars interview. Some things just never change. One by one they ran out onto the stage.

During the show I got tired and went back to the dressing room falling asleep on the couch.

What seemed like two seconds later the boys came in before the got quite.

"Let's go do the meet and greet with the fans and take her back to the bus after," CC said and they silently agreed as I kept my eyes closed.

I fell back asleep and yet another two seconds later a pair of arms lifted me up bridal style. I nuzzled my head into their neck breathing their sent in unable to tell who it is.

I was lifted into my bunk as someone tugged my shoes off.

"Andy and Ashley could change her into her pjs? Their the closest to her here."

Andy's P.O.V

"Andy and Ashley could change her into her pjs? Their the closest to her here."

I nodded but didn't like the thought of Ashley seeing my girlfriend in her bra and underwear. I stayed silent not saying anything as the guys left.

Ashley hesitated before taking her socks off. I lifted my shirt I just changed into over my head gently removing her shirt. She mumbled random things and I smiled.

I quickly slipped my shirt over her head and moved her arms into it while Ashley held her up a bit. Ashley grabbed her dark purple pajama shorts while I slid her jeans off. I slipped her shorts on and Ashley pulled the covers up. I closed curtain pretending to be picking her clothes up while Ashley left to go back to the living room.

I quickly threw her clothes in the hamper carefully opening her curtain. I kissed her lips whispering good night then joined the guys.

It was 2 a.m and the bus was silent. I was the last to go to my bunk. I laid on my phone when I heard someone getting out of their bunk. A second later my curtain slowly opened and a sleepy Alice climbed in as I scooted over. She cuddled close to me falling right back to sleep.

I let out a small chuckled reaching over closing the curtain and putting my phone away. I wrapped my arms around her falling asleep.

Tiny update cause I love you all lovelies! I'll do a better update maybe on Thursday or Friday. I would tomorrow but I have dance. Any ideas? I love incorporating readers ideas into my stories. Kik me (abbylouise_1224) or dm on Instagram (Abby.louize) if you want to have some of your ideas in the next chapter! All credit will go to you if I use it. Bye bye for now!

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