A concert turned into a dream

Alice Stoop has always dreamed of meeting Black Veil Brides. Just seeing them in person was good enough for her but could more happen?



Attention to all my lovelies!

I haven't been able to update as much as I wish to as you clearly know. Well I have a very good reason.

I just started high school so I'm adjusting and on top of the homework I have drama club, auditions, rehersals, and dance. My schedule is very packed and very tiring.


I would love to find a co author I would like to do an "interview" with anyone who's interested.

I will be looking for,



Able to help put both our ideas together to provide a chapter when I cannot.

and more.

I will not be handing the story over to the co author. I will be having someone just help with updating this story more for you all. It WILL be both out ideas together.

•WARNING• if you are my co author and you try to take over I will remove you and pick someone else.

If your interested kik me:


Good luck!!

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