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Hi, this is just going to be when I'm updating with my movellas, if any new ones are coming out, who the fanfiction is based on, and some other stuff. So if you like my account, this will be a good way to know when I'm updating and things like that. Also, if you favourite this Movella, I will can you! Please read and goodbye!


1. updates and based on

Okay, let's get started.

Here's the list of movellas I've published, and who they are based on and when I am updating.

Kidnapped by one direction- based on Louis and Niall *on hold for a month or so*

Forever Young- based on Louis and Niall *will updated in next few weeks*

Don't forget where you belong- based on Zayn *will update next month- on a hold*

Everybody talks- based on Harry and Louis (and a tiny bit of Niall) *will update next week, new chapter out yesterday, 'first date'*

New/unpublished/work in progress movellas:

Last First Kiss- based on Niall *will publish first chapter in next 2 weeks!*

Alone- based on Liam *will not be published for a while, just an idea, but if I get time, I might write the first chapter in a month or so*

Thanks for reading my movellas, and be sure to see if I make any new chapters to this, which means I have published a new Movella or chapter to a Movella, or other news! Also please check out my other movellas, it would make me so happy if you did, as well as favourite and if you favourite you get a fan!!!! Thanks so much and peace out!


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