what will happen

zayn mailk is the bad bad of this small town. if he likes you better goi out with him. hus best mates are harry louis liam and niall. what happens when louis sister veronica comes to town as the towns bad girl.


2. 2

'well thats not my problem' i said 


our conversation stayed in my mind. i never met anyone that stood me up or defended their self like that

'hey mate there in a new girl in town' harry said bursting through my door. 'she isnt the same she will take time to bring her to you'

'its all cool. i wanna get her my self she lives in a apartment supposedly with her brother someone named lou figure who he is and her name" i yelled

'sure that will be easy' niall said. he didnt talk much unless its to me or liam he was smart. he was a pretty boy blonde hair and a baby face if he wanted he could have anyone fouled with that face.


louis came to vist me


'hey love' he said hugging me he had a spare key

'hey umm who is zayn' i asked he seemed a bit suprised

'oh dont bother will him he w... he just isnt worth it why?'

oh i went walking and i bumped into to boys. one was quiet and a fat  face the other a brown curly hair and a deep dimple and the were flirting with me. so i got mad and told them off' he seemed surprised. 'then i keep walking and they were telling me not to walk somewhere and i got mad and keep walking. i went to a store and the i bumped into zayn. when i paid and walked out he offered me a ride. i said no so he followed em home and he asked who i live with and i said lou'

'dammit zayn ima kick his ass flirting with my baby sister' i could tell he was mad.


i walked to the same store since so far as i knew it was the closest. i saw harry and 3 other guys one of them was zayn. i saw harry i saw the shadow guy better too he had pretty blonde hair colered eyes. harry was cute zayn was tall and didnt look or seem the same as last night. last nigh he was sweet and caring now he seemed rough. a guy who looked more mature was with them he was taller than zayn. he had light brown eyes and a faded beard.

'hey doll remeber me?' zayn asked

'back the fuck off. what makes you think ima rember a dick like you and NO' i spat through my teeth

'hold on baby dont talk to him like that h-' i cut the guy with the beard off

'who the fuck do you think you are to talk to me like that' i yelled

'i think im liam oh yeah and he thinks he is niall is you dont know that either so waht your name babe' liam said pusshing my bangs back

'i jabbed (punch with the left hand boxing) him in the stamach hard causeing him to loose his breath 'dont touch me and im not your baby cant wait till my brother beats your ass.' i yelled

'call him i dont give a fuck ill have my other ho-' ZAYN CUT HIM OFF

' come on dont be like that were trying to br nicr looked ill complemete you nice ass" my jaw dropped i swung at him i missed then i grabbed hid arm twisted it and made him get on the floor 'dont ever look at my ass again or ill kick yours.' i yelled while the other guys pulled me off him

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