what will happen

zayn mailk is the bad bad of this small town. if he likes you better goi out with him. hus best mates are harry louis liam and niall. what happens when louis sister veronica comes to town as the towns bad girl.


11. 11

Harrys pov

i woke up to see veronica in my arms. and mascara all over my shirt and her face. i saw her phone was blown up by zayn and the other boys.i wanted to kick his ass for making her cry


when i woke up all the memories came back to me and i was alone. then i smelt pancakes. i picked my phine up and had over 97 missed calls and 38 unread messages. i walked up to see a shirtless harry 

"morning" i faked a smile but harry didnt seem satisfied. 

"morning you doing better?" i dint weather to say yes or no so i ignored him and sat down.

"what you making?' 

'pancakes eggs bacon and fruit for you" he said ploping food next to me.

"thanks i hugged him and dug in. i didnt want to eat i was hungry but still didnt want to. i didnt want to seem rude so i ate. 

we ate in silence untill i heard a bang on the door. it was zayn.  harry got the door.


"where is she" he turned to see me

"harry let him in i guess"

'doll im sorry"

"are you fucking serious? zayn i told you not to fucking call me that. i hope you realize you are the reason im gone. i trusted you but you actions spoke the truthi love you but your not worth the fight zayn i wanted us to be together but your to busy thinking im a fucking doll." his face looked hurt. i sudently felt bad.

" do you know that feeling of letting some one go i dont wanna feel that cause i love you. i broken with out you, i cry when i think of you i cry at the fact that you will find someone better than me.i just hope sooner ar later i will wake up with you by my side.

"zayn leave me alone i want nothing to do with you!"

' just remember that i was here for you when no one was. when no one else out up with you shit i did" he yelled dropping a vase 

"wrong harry was here ang he still is." i yell back

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