Ny movella



2. Luke

"You nervous?" you ask Luke. "A bit, but I'm not gonna cry in front of you, I'm your manly boyfriend". "I know, you were so manly when we saw the lion king and you cried when his dad dies". "Everybody cries there! Cause it's so sad!" he say giggling. You and Luke arrived at the Tattoo And Piercing store. "So just a black basic lip-ring" Luke say to the man in the shop. "You want anything babe?". "Like what?" you ask. "Like lip or eyebrow or nose piercing?". "Yeah, maybe one the nose, but you'll have to hold my hand all the time". "Of curse Y/N". It was first you and then Luke. You sat in the chair and took a deep breath. "It's okay baby, I'm gonna hold ya hand". It got done and you thought it looked good. " I like it, your turn babe". He sat in the chair and took my hand. "Easy ma man, remember you're manly" you say giggling. The man in the shop took his stuff and started taking Luke's lip. "Ouch... That's it?". "That's it" the man said and walked out if the room. You kissed Luke. He pulled away..."Sorry... A bit pain won't hurt me" he said and kissed you.

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