nothing like us

this story is about how justin falls in love with his friends niece that is 18 and he is 19 .


1. love at first site.

 desirae's pov


There was a forth of july party at my uncles house. We where lighting fire works and swimming in the pool . 

desire: this is the best party i love my forth of july bathing suit . (it is a two piece with a flag and the top with no strap and the bottoms are blue.) 

justin: hey my names justin what is ur name lets go some where private. 

desire:I know who u are ur my uncles friend (justin is my uncles real friend )and I'm desire and sure lets go upstairs. 

There they go upstairs to a room and close the door behind the justin and desire were soaking wet from swimming .justin looked desire in her eyes and push her on the bed and got on top of her .

justin: i loved u since i met u last chrismas when u were waering that short shirt and those booty shorts . 

desire:ok . i liked u too. what are u doing to me get off me justin .

justin: I'm in love with u i want u now  

desire: but i can't not know i love u to. dude jerry is getting hard. i feel him 

justin started singing all that matters to desire and started kissing her neck .

justin:  ur all that matters to me. yeah yea wats a king babe without a queen.

someone started calling desire to come back down it was her boyfriend austin.  

justin:who's  that .

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