Attached // Luke Hemmings

"I thought I could get to know you better without getting attached, but I failed!"


3. Chapter 3.

I walk into the Cafe, seeing Emily already behind the counter. I smile and walk to the back room, setting my things down before taking my spot at the register.


“Hey, I was going to text you telling you I was just going to go home after my shift yesterday but my phone died.” I nod, understandingly. Our first customer of the day walks in and I paint a smile on my face.


“What can I get you for today?” The lady looks up at the menu, humming.


“a small Vanilla bean frappuccino and --” she thinks for a moment, looking up at the menu. “a banana chocolate chip muffin, please.” I nod, typing numbers into the register and looking over to Emily.


“A vanilla bean frappuccino.” She nods and I walk over to where the snacks are. I pick up the banana chocolate chip muffin and drop it in the bag, walking back to the counter.


“Here you go ma’am.” I smile, handing her the bag. “Your frappuccino will be ready over there.” She moves aside and my smile falls from my face as I see who’s next in line.


“What are you doing here?” He laughs, leaning over the counter to hug me.


“Well, hello to you, too.” I smile and get back on track.


“What do you want today?” I look over to Emily who has a smirk on her face.


“Well since I can’t have you, I’ll get a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino.” I quickly look over to Emily, knowing my face is turning red. It doesn’t take much to make me fucking blush like an idiot.


“mocha cookie crumble frappuccino.” I manage to say and turn back to the counter, slowly. He’s standing off to the side, leaning his arms up on the counter. Staring at me with a smirk plastered on his god damn face. There’s no more customers at the moment so I don’t have an excuse to not talk to him.


“When is your shift over?” I look at the time on the clock that’s hung on the wall.


“Forty minutes.” He nods and Emily hands him his drink. He thanks her and turns back to me. “So, what do you have planned?” He shrugs, taking a sip of his frap.


“Going back to my place. Are you up for meeting the band?” I raise my eyebrows and the door dings, signaling someone walked in.

“I guess. One sec,” he nods and I walk back to the register to take this guys order.


“Sure, I guess.” Luke smiles, nodding.


Today wasn’t as busy as Monday. Usually this place is packed with people but again, as I think of it, that’s only on weekends. I grab my stuff from the back room and meet Luke at the doors.


“Text you later,” I give her a hug. “When’s your next shift?” We walk outside into the fresh air.


“Tomorrow afternoon.” I nod. She pulls me in for another hug and I follow Luke to his car. I decided to walk to work today gathering it’s a nice day and, I also don’t live far. We get in his car and he pulls out of the parking lot. Something on the radio catches his attention and he turns it up.


“Check this song out,” I look over at him and he’s quietly singing along. I have to say, it’s a catchy tune. It also always plays in the cafe. Three times a day. After the song finishes, he turns the radio down a bit and glances over at me, smiling. When is he not smiling? Every-time I see him, he has a smile on his face. He always looks so happy. “Like it?” I nod, looking back out the window.


“Yeah. It plays three times a day at work.” He raises his eyebrows, but keeps his eyes on the road.


“Really?” I nod. It goes silent for a few minutes before he breaks it.


“It’s my song.” I look over at him, shocking clearly seen on my face.


“Wait, really?” He nods, smiling. Proud of himself.


“It’s called She Looks So Perfect.”


He pulls up in front of a beautiful, big house. I get out of the car, following him to the door. “I’m back!” He yells and voices are heard from the living room.


“In here, mate!” We walk in to the living room and there’s three guys sitting on the couch playing a game that has zombies in it. They see me and pauses the game. “This is Alexis. A friend I made at the cafe we always go to.” The guy with coloured hair nods and sticks out his hand.


“I’m Michael.” I shake his hand and he pulls me into a tight -- but comfy hug. I pull away and return to Luke’s side. I always get shy around new people. Once you get to know me though, I never shut up.


“I’m Ashton.” I smile and shake his hand.


“Calum.” I nod and they sit back on the couch, getting right back into that game. Luke sits down on the couch beside Michael. I was just about to sit on the ground when Luke grabs me by the waist, making me sit on him.


I thought they would get bored of this game but apparently not. We’ve been sitting here for two hours. I sit up and Luke tightens his arms around me. “Hungry?” I nod and stand up.


“Pizza for dinner?” All of them eagerly nods, turning off the game. We sit on the couch and talk about whatever is on TV.  


There’s a knock at the door and Luke gets up to answer it. Moments later, he comes back with a box of pizza. “Pizza’s here!” He sets it down on the table and we all grab a piece.


“Well, I guess I should get going now.” Luke nods and stands up. I say bye to the others, giving them all a hug. Luke grabs his keys off the table near the front door and I follow him to his car.


It was a silent ride home. Just the radio was heard. Luke pulls up the driveway and gets out to walk me to the door. “So, do you live with your parents or alone?” I look up at him.


“Alone.” My mom moved to England. My dad passed away a year ago from lung cancer. I have a brother but he moved to Los Angeles. The only relative I really have here is my Aunt and uncle who lives about twenty minutes away from here. He just nods and pulls me into a hug.


“Text me if you’re free tomorrow.” He leans down, kissing me on the cheek then turns around walking back to his car. I stood, watching him leave.

I think I developed a crush. In just Three days.

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