What The Hell Is Magcon ∞ ℳagcon

"What the hell is Magcon?" is it weird that i feel stupid? and that's new, because i'm actually really smart.... or i guess i'm okay smart..... well, i'm not stupid!
Ashley looked at me like i was stupid, "are.... you....asking..... about..... what magcon is?" she looked like she was angry, and i was just standing there and smiling awkwardly to the ground. "Mmmmm, should i know that?" i asked while looking at the ground, otherwise i would blush (which i do so often that it's embarrassing). "Well, Magcon is just the most perfect boys in the whole world!"


4. Update

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting anything for AGES! But I'll promise that I'll update VERY soon, but I really gotta keep up with school


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