What The Hell Is Magcon ∞ ℳagcon

"What the hell is Magcon?" is it weird that i feel stupid? and that's new, because i'm actually really smart.... or i guess i'm okay smart..... well, i'm not stupid!
Ashley looked at me like i was stupid, "are.... you....asking..... about..... what magcon is?" she looked like she was angry, and i was just standing there and smiling awkwardly to the ground. "Mmmmm, should i know that?" i asked while looking at the ground, otherwise i would blush (which i do so often that it's embarrassing). "Well, Magcon is just the most perfect boys in the whole world!"


2. "the day of her happines"

She couldn't get her hands down until it was "the day of her happines," her words, not mine.

"Hey Maddie..... Yeah..... Nothing much, just taking my lil sis too that magcon thing.... Nah, i promised her, and you know as a sister you gotta keep your promises, otherwise she would use the i'm telling dad trick..... K, i'll keep you updated..... See you later, M." When you're talking too Maddie, my bestie, you gotta finish fast, bc guuuuuuurl, she can talk ALL DAY! anyways, so we walked down too the line, but there was nobody. "Didn't you say that there was like a trillion Magcon fans? Like, when does it start" She looked begging at me and said:"In 6 - 7 hours." I got all surprised "And, you thought that i would wait for FREAKING 7 HOURS?" she smiled nervous too me and i thought too myself, didn't we have V.I.P tickets..... "Didn't we have VIP tickets?" she looked at the ground and answered "yeah.... but i wanted to be the first in line.... is it okay?" i took a deep breath "Fine, BUT, then you won't get anything big for you birthday, from me!" she nodded like 40 times in like 3 seconds, and i sat down.


3 - 4 hours have past, and my but hurt soooooo bad, and i was thirsty as hell, and my stomach just yelled at that ice cream a little girl was eating. "Ash, i'm gonna go buy some food, and water, and get some more cash, can you handle to stay here alone, while i'm gone?" She was talking to some kind girls who was right behinde us. she nodded "As long as you buy some candy and a cheese burger" she said, and i left. 

When i got back, the line was even longer, but i just walked in front of all the girls. I bought a lot of candy bars, and gave some of them to the girls behinde us in the line. I also bought 3 bottles of water, and gave Ash her cheese burger. I ate some of the fruit and my sandwich i bought.

My watch said that i only had too wait 1 hour before the VIP got in, which includes me.

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