My Feelings/How to survive Depression

Hi I'm Hanna, and I've had depression since I was 12. I'm going tell you about my feelings and my past life.


1. Boyfriends.

This chapter is about my previous Boyfriends. I'm not going to release any names, just the first letter to see if you guys can guess it.  I'll underline the letter.

I've only had 2 boyfriends my whole life, and they both broke my heart. The first one was not for very long, he used me. I was like his favorite song, he played me so often that he got sick of me and found a new one. I went to his house (He had his own house), because he wanted to talk to me. I heard moaning from the office and....he and a girl were having sex on his desk. I ran out the door and never came back, he broke my heart.

My second boyfriend was the one I fell in love with.  He just was perfect to me. I loved everything about him. B taught me to close the whole world out. He suffered from depression too. We were each other's cure. one day he couldn't take it and killed himself. I vowed myself to never fall in love again. You see when you fall in love, one day you'll have to say goodbye. I hated saying goodbye the day I found him dead, because all I wanted to be was with him. For him it was the same, I think he didn't know what he was doing.

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