Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


5. Chapter 5

History is definitely my favourite subject. The teacher, Mister Edwards, is an older man who clearly loves what he's doing. He's passionate about the stories he tells us. That's what I love about this class. I usually dream away, with his words in the back of my head, guiding me through a story. And sometimes, out of nowhere, he does something unexpected to bring the class back to reality. But usually he forgets the time, so up into the story, that the bell suddenly rings and he still hasn't given us any homework. I never want to leave. I want to know how the stories end. And I've never 'seen' these kids so calm and silent as with Mr. Edwards. He even has conversations with the guys about girls! He's come up to me a few times too. To ask if I need something or if I have a problem with keeping up. It's nice to have someone here who really cares for his students. 

'Ah Isabella!' I'm about to follow the rest of the students out to the hall, when Mr. Edwards calls me back in. 'Yes sir?' I turn around to face him, smiling friendly. He's probably going to ask me about school. 'How is school going?' He can read my mind. Or maybe I can read his. 

'It's fine.' I admit and this time I actually mean it. 'Making any friends?' I think of my meeting with Harry's friends yesterday and smile to myself. 'Yes, I am.' 'Good, that's great.' He says encouraging. 'Well, enjoy your break.' We say goodbye and I close the door behind me when I leave. The hall on the second floor is almost empty apart from some individuals, like me. But I've got somewhere to go this time. 
I hurry downstairs, bumping into some people on my way. I don't care if they get mad at me. Stepping outside I listen carefully if I hear the familiar voices that I'm looking for. 'Isa!' Soon my name is shouted over the school's grounds. The smile appears back on my face as I walk down the steps and suddenly feel a hand taking mine. 
But I'm not sure who's it is until I hear the familiar chuckle. 'Thanks Harry.' I say, letting go of his hand when I'm downstairs. We meet up with Alice, Ben and Matt who are apparently sitting on a small stone wall, according to my hands touching the cold stones. 'Hey girl!' Alice greets me excited. Suddenly my feet are lifted from the ground causing me to let out a little scream. Two hands put my down gently on the wall. i quickly hold on to the stones. Harry laugh at me. 'You didn't see that coming now did you?' He chuckles. The laughing of the others fades away until everyone is quiet. I break the silence by bursting into laughter myself. If you think of it, it was actual a really funny thing to say to a blind girl, especially because he didn't realise. Slowly the tension disappears.
'Sorry, I didn't mean to..' Harry lifts himself up the wall and moment later I feel his body close to mine. 'It's ok. It was funny.' I interrupt his apology. There's no need to apology. These comments don't hurt me anymore even if they're meant as an insult. 

'Okay, okay, so wait..' I pause to take a sip of my drink. 'You like..stars?' We're in a small, quiet cafe down the road at which our school also is. Harry sighs deeply as the others start laughing. 'Yes, he loves to look at them from his bedroom window.' Alice teases him. 'Don't you Harold?' I laugh along with her. I had never expected something like that from Harry. 'Ok, guys, never mind.' Harry mumbles, clearly embarrassed. 'No, no. Tell me about it.' I beg him. I've never understand a thing about astronomy. 
'Okay, we'll get some more coffee. Does any of you want something?' Ben, or Matt, I'm still not sure, shoves his chair back, the wooden legs sliding across the floor. I shake my head at them. I hear two more chairs creak, confirming both Alice and Ben ( or Matt) have  stood up. 
I concentrate back on Harry's voice as we're left alone at the table. 'So what's it about astronomy you like so much?' I lean my head on my hand, waiting for him to explain. 'Ah, it's not a big deal.' He mumbles again, still feeling uncomfortable. 'I just always liked stars, since I was a kid.' He explains quickly. I hear in his voice that there's more to it, something that he won't reveal to me yet. I wonder if the others know it, but decide to let it go, not wanting to push him. 

I follow the sound of my cone ticking on the pavement and the loud voices of my new group of friends. Most of them are walking in front of me, busy talking about football. Alice is keeping me company, in silence. 'Isa?' I'm just enjoying the sound of the birds in the park, trying to recognise which ones there are, when she interrupts the silence. 'Yes?' She has a question on her mind, I feel it. 'Have you... always been blind?' She asks curious but carefully. The answer stays inside of me for a minute, just waiting there until it's complete. 'No. Not always.' I can't complete it just yet. Not at this moment, at least. 'Okay.' I have a feeling she knows where the line is and doesn't want to cross it. 
She's an interesting girl. Very different from the cliches. It's almost like she's always singing what she says. Often, she speaks in riddles, quoting movies I can't remember much of, like Disney movies. She has a fascination for Disney movies, but not the princess ones. 'Stupid girls.' She says they are. 'Being loved is all they care about.' 
It got me thinking, what she said. I don't want to be one of those princesses. I just want to live.

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