Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I didn't meet him again, that day. I caught myself, looking for him and for Alice, the only nice people I'd met that day. That's why I wanted to find them, to feel less lonely. I don't know what I was thinking, because meeting someone once, doesn't mean you're friends with them. They probably would have been a bit surprised to see me following them around. I've been on my own a lot, and I enjoy that, but once you get a taste of what friendships can be like, because you hear about them in the halls, you want to know what it really feels like to have someone you can rely on. 

'Hi love, how was your first day?' Katherine asks me when I sit down in the passengers seat of her car. The radio is turned on, and an old Michael Jackson song silently plays in the background. 'Oh it was fine.' I say, putting my seat belt on after I've closed the door. 'Didn't have any trouble?' I think of all the trouble I've had, from teachers being moody to walking into the boys bathroom, but I decide not to tell her. She wasn't too keen on me going to a real school and if she thinks I won't be accepted there, she might ask me dad to let me stay home again. 'Not at all.' I lie. 
She's just very careful with me, our housekeeper. When her son is running around the house, she always tells him to keep it down, afraid that it will bother me, but it doesn't. He's a good kid and I enjoy having him around. Unfortunately his friends make fun of him for living with me and he never brings anyone home. 'Is dad home yet?'  I say, trying to keep a conversation. 'Not yet, but I expect Mr. Gillan home tonight.' It excites me to see him again, after he's been in America for three weeks. He's probably not as excited to see me. I bet he has to plan his next trip away from reality, as soon as possible. 
'He said he'd be home for a while.' Kat suddenly adds. She must be able to read my thoughts. Maybe she saw it on my face, I've never been able to hide things from her very well. Not if she's looking at me, trying to see right through me.  

When we arrive home, I  guide myself around the car, and to the front door. I know the front yard like the back of my hand and automatically count the steps and the space between them. I walk up to the front door easily. When we first started living here, it was a lot different. I can remember them times I've tripped over stones and other things trying to reach my house. Kat follows me up and I wait for the clicking noises of the big wooden door being unlock, before standing up from my seat on the bench next to the house. 
'I'll be upstairs.' I say, swinging my bag over my shoulder and my cone in the same hand. With my other hand I reach for the handrail. Kat's footsteps fade away into another room. 'I'm going to make some tea.' She shouts back at me. 'Alright I'll be down in a minute.'  

My room is mint green, at least, I assume it to be that colour. My dad had it repainted 3 years ago. At first he just wanted to pick a colour and not have me decide. I have to say, that hurt me. But I stopped him and told him I wanted mint green, because I used to love that colour. There;s not much furniture in my room. just my bed, a closet with all my clothes and my desk. But my favourite place is the windowsill, which is big enough to sit on. I put a few pillows there. I like to sit there and listen to the rain against the window, or the birds in the trees. Kat says it has a nice view over our backyard. I wish I could see it. According to Kat, there are a lot of flowers, because she loves flowers. 

The familiar sound of the front door wakes me up from my thoughts. It's Joe, as always. He comes home not long after me and then we all drink tea together and discuss our day. After that we all go our own way, Kat to prepare dinner, and Joe and I to make our homework. That's how it's been forever. Everyday is the same in my life. But now, now I'm finally going to a normal school, more exciting things will happen to me. I can feel it. 'Isa? Tea is ready.' Joe shouts at me from downstairs. I sigh deeply and follow his voice, standing up from my spot in the windowsill. 
'Have you made some friends, dear?' Kat asks after Joe is finished talking about the guy that got suspended from school today. I can't remember what he had done, I just hope Joe wasn't involved with it. 'Yes, a few.' I say, thinking of Alice and the mysterious guy. It brings a smile on my face, which is being noticed by Joe. 'What are you all smiley about?' He teases. I shrug. 'Nothing, I just enjoyed school. That's all.' It's partly true, what I say. It was difficult and weird, but it was a challenge and I accepted it when I signed up for this school. 
I think I'll be alright, eventually. 


Hope you like it x

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