Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


21. Chapter 21

'There's something on your mind isn't there?' My dad said from across the dining table, after he'd swallowed his mashed potatoes. I had barely touched my own food, that's how he knew. 'No.' I lied. Ofcourse there was something on my mind, but discussion such things with my dad, who hadn't interested himself in my life for a long time, during dinner, was never a good idea. 
'Don't bother sir, it's something with boys.' Joe interrupted. I kicked him underneath the table. His ever so well planned words were not making this conversation any easier to escape from. Please note the sarcasm. 
'Isabella?' My dad asked in a way that screamed 'hey, tell your dad everything about your boy problems.' 
'He doesn't know what he's talking about.' I said, referring to Joe. He'd never been so amused, I could tell. 

'I saw those people on my way home. I know it was them because the girl had red hair. And I am quite sure they had beer with them.' He sounded disgusted by it, which made me quite upset.
'They were..irritating motorists.' I rolled my eyes. Why didn't my dad he even the smallest sense of humor.
'It's just a joke, dad.'
I knew what he was referring to. When they got bored they'd sometimes place a chair in the middle of the road and wait for an car to come and see the driver's reaction. Or they'd cross the road really slowly or something. Just random things that they meant no harm with. 
'It is irresponsible, Isabella.' My dad responded. I rolled my eyes again. 'I saw that.' My dad said. 
'It's not like you haven't done irresponsible things when you were 16.' I sighed.
I realised it wasn't the smartest thing to say, because most parents don't want to be reminded of their own stupidity when they were trying to make a point to their children. But it was the truth. Why did we always get the punishment for the things our parents did? Why is a teenage girl not allowed to go to parties, because her mother lost her virginity on one of those parties when she was really drunk, to a guy she couldn't even remember the name of? Now this is not what happened to my mother, just an example. And just as I thought, my dad got angry and started lying. 'No I didn't do these things. And you're not doing it either.' He commanded. 
'I'm not doing anything!' I protested. Why was he acting like all I did was being ''irresponsible.'' 
'Lets talk about something else.' Kat came to my rescue. I thanked her quietly when she started talking about some store that got robbed downtown and managed to distract my dad. 
I ate without really tasting the food. After I helped with the dishes, I went upstairs to my room. I let Ed Sheeran blast through my room while I lied on my bed, trying to clear my mind. I never happened that night. 

'So how is it going with Harry?' Alice asked me as we strolled down the little path in the park. I was a bit confused by her question since Harry was walking in front of us, encouraging his neighbour's dog to get the ball he had thrown away. 
'Good, I suppose.' I said. 
'I mean with the get Harry to fall in love with you thing.' She asked curiously. 
'Eh, less well.' I evaluated. It hadn't gone well at all, because I wasn't busy with it. 
'Are you even at all putting any effort in it?' Alice asked, clearly hoping for a different answer. 
I shook my head. 'No I'm just admiring him from a safe distance.' I said. 
'You're boring.' Alice sighed. I chuckled. I had my arm around hers, so I wouldn't accidentally leave the path. The weather was nice and warm. I loved spring. 
'We saw someone yesterday and I thought he looked a lot like your dad. Has he said anything about seeing us?' Alice broke the silence. I hesitated. 'No. He hasn't said anything.' I lied. I didn't want her to worry about me or my dad.
'Then it must have been someone else.' Alice mumbled, more to herself than to me. 

'Hey Isabella! Catch!' Harry suddenly shouted at me. A few seconds later I heard something fall on the stones beside me, followed by barking of a dog who sprinted towards me. I jumped out of the way quickly, when I heard him approach. Harry and Alice laughed. 
'You didn't catch it.' Harry stated the obvious, still laughing. 
'Yes, ofcourse. Make fun of the blind girl.' I said sarcastically, taking Alice arm again. We continued walking. 
'You've changed.' Harry now walked beside us. The dog was bark somewhere in the distance. 'Changed?' I asked. 
'Yes, you're different. I don't know what it is but it's good.' He said. 
I didn't respond, thinking of his words. I agreed with him. I had changed. And I liked it. 

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