Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


18. Chapter 18

(I like the past tense writing thing. it feels more natural, so I'm going to continue using it.) 

'Hold on.' I whispered through the phone at Harry, after hearing footsteps on the stairs. Quickly I hid my phone underneath the covers. Two seconds later I heard my door creaking and I could sense someone was looking at me. 'Are you asleep?' Kat whispered into the dark room. 'I'm trying.' I said.
'Okay, goodnight then.' 

The door closed again. After waiting till the footsteps disappeared I grabbed my phone from under the covers. Harry was still on the other line, waiting. 'I need to go. Kat wants me to rest.' I whispered to him. 'It's too late for that. We're already outside.' Harry replied. I could hear laughter somewhere on the background. 'Outside? Where? ' I asked confused. 
'Outside your house.' 
This had to be a joke. He was just playing with me. 'Not funny, Harry.' I was about to hang up when he stopped me shouting, 'No, I'm serious.' the shouting didn't only come from the phone. I could hear it from outside too. 'Go to your balcony.' Harry instructed me. 
I got up slowly, not still not believing he would actually be here. Why would he do that? But when I got to balcony door and opened it, I could hear the voices more clearly. 
With my phone still against my cheek I said: 'Are you really here?' I obviously couldn't see them. The voices I heard earlier came closer and I realised Harry wasn't joking. 'Hi Isabella.' Matt shouted up to me. I quickly told him to shut it, afraid Kat would hear them. 
'What are you doing here?' I felt the goosebumps on my arms as I stood on my balcony in the cold wind. From the ground, they seemed to find it quite amusing to see me so nervous, but Kat would kill us for sure if she saw them. 'We're gonna climb up.' Alice informed me. 
'No! You can't!' I protested, but it was too late. I could already hear someone trying to climb onto the balcony. I cursed underneath my breath and went back inside, partly because I was cold and partly to listen if I could hear Kat coming upstairs. It was completely silent in the hallway. 

When I got back to the balcony, someone grabbed my hand, causing me to jump a little. 'Shhh.' Alice had actually climbed up with the help of Harry.  Who was trying to assure me no one would find out. He was always the sensible one, but still not sensible enough. At this point I realised I didn't really have a choice and instead made it my mission to keep everyone as quiet as I could, which wasn't easy considering the many curse words that were thrown into the air as the others tried to climb up and Alice making fun of them for not doing it as fast as she did. 
When everyone got inside I closed the balcony door and checked the hall again, to see if anyone was coming up. It was still silent. 
'Relax, Bella.' Ben, who must have seen the worried look on my face, said. I let myself fall down on my bed, where Alice was also sitting. 
'Why are you guys even here?' I sighed. 
'We haven't seen you for days Bella. Kat keeps sending us away, you know.' Alice complained. I knew Kat did that, but she just wanted me to rest. 'It's been a week since the accident and you're fine. So you need to get some visitors again.' 
The others agreed. And I did too, but just not at this hour. 'Oh by the way.' Ben changed the subject. A feeling of excitement went through the room, but I didn't know why. 'We brought something to celebrate.' He said, handing me a cold bottle of something. 
'What is it?' I said, hoping it wasn't what I thought it was. 'My dad has an excellent wine cellar.' It was what I thought it was, but for some reason it made me laugh out loud. 
'He does, Bella!' Ben seemed insulted, but that wasn't why I was laughing. I was imagining how this must have looked for an outsider. Someone watching us as if we were in a film. 'You bring a bottle of wine to a girl who just had a concussion caused by a car accident.' I said, still giggling. 'You bring her wine!' 

'How can you just sit here all evening in the dark?' Alice said, getting up from the ground, probably to turn on the light beside my bed. 'It's always dark for her, Alice.' Harry pointed out. I smiled awkwardly, when I felt everyone looking at me. 'It's not that bad though. I can dream and everything. And I can picture things.' I mumbled, thinking of all those who couldn't. 
'Does your dad even know what happened?' Matt bluntly asked. It must have been weird for them, never having seen my dad, not even in these kind of situations. 'I spoke to him on the phone, when I got home.' I sighed. He was away and couldn't come back for me. 
'Dad of the year, I'd say.' Matt mumbled in response, possibly followed by a poke in the arm from his brother. 
The conversation quickly continued, about music this time. I kind of forgot that Kat wouldn't want them to be in my room at this hour until I heard footsteps on the stairs again. 'Shit!' I whispered, getting up on my feet. 'Onto the balcony quickly.' I started pushing random bodies towards the balcony. 'Wai,t the wine.' the footsteps were approaching as Alice hurried back inside to get the almost empty wine bottle. I hadn't drunk that much. Alcohol wasn't really my thing. 

I got back in bed quickly and turned off the light beside my bed. the door opened slowly as I pretended to be asleep, hoping my friends would stay quiet. Luckily I heard nothing besides Kat's and my own breathing and the wind outside, against the windows. After a few seconds the door closed again and Kat went further down the hall. Probably going to her own room. 
I got out of bed when I thought it was safe and slowly opened the balcony door. 'Is she gone?' Harry asked.
'Yes, but I think it's a good idea if you guys go home now.' I said
'Yeah, maybe we should.' He admitted. 
'Well, Isabella, it was a pleasure to spend this evening with you.' Ben said shaking my hand firmly. Alice giggled, which reminded me of what she had told me. 'Do you want to keep the wine?' 
'Is there still something in the bottle then?' I asked surprised. 
'I'm quite certain there isn't.' Ben said guiding me to the edge, where they would climb off again. I could already hear one of them trying to get down, but I wasn't sure who it was. Alice hugged me quickly before following Ben down to the grass, leaving just me and Harry: I could tell it was him from his little chuckle. 'Well, that was fun. We should do that more often.' 
'Maybe not.' I suggested laughing. 
I stood there, with my hands on the cold metal, while he climbed over the railing. 'Goodnight Bella.' He whispered leaving a kiss on my cheek. I looked down quickly, blushing. 'Goodnight, Harry.' 


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