Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


16. Chapter 16

'Oh forget it. I'll never get it all in my head.' Harry sighs, throwing his textbook aside. I chuckle lightly, doing the same thing. 'Are you hunger?' He switches to a different subject. I shake my head lightly. 'No not really.' I wonder what time it is. It must be getting dark soon. 'We still have time.' Harry says, reading my mind. His gets up from the floor in his bedroom and walks around. I listen to his footsteps behind me, wondering what he's up to. 'So, what music do you listen to, Isabella.' 
I shrug. 'A bit of everything, I guess.' I pause in between. 'I do love Phil Collins.' 
'Nice.' I hear him .... between what sounds like CD's. 'And you?' I ask him, turning myself around to face him. I look up to where I assume he is. 
'A bit of everything, I guess.' He repeats my words exactly. There's a small silence, while we're both thinking of the next subject to talk about. 
'A little to your right.' He eventually says. I don't understand him. He sees the puzzled expression on my face and explains himself further. 
'That's where I'm standing. A little to your right.' 
I feel my cheeks heating up as I move my head to my right. 'Now you're looking directly at me.' He says. I can hear he's smiling. 
'Can you sing, isabella?' The question takes me by surprise. My mother used to say I could, but isn't that what all parents tell their kids at that age? That they can do anything they want in life. A lie everyone sees as innocent. 
'Well?' Harry reminds me of his question when I don't answer directly. 'I haven't really sang much in the past years.' I admit to him. 
It was something I always did for her, but she can't hear me anymore. 
'It's about time to change that.' Harry encourages me. he knows there is a deeper meaning behind it. But he doesn't ask me about it. I smile awkwardly. 'No thanks.' I say embarrassed. 

Even though I rejected, I find myself singing Phil Collins' Against All Odds, with Harry only minutes later. He's very convincing. It's one of my favourite songs and I sing along to it, but mostly I'm trying to listen to his voice. It's soft and simple, but that's exactly what's so beautiful about it. He can really sing. It makes me feel kind of bad for ruining the song. 
'Your voices sound lovely together.' A woman's voice says when we're finished. It's Harry's mother. 'Thanks mum.' Harry says a little embarrassed.
'Harry has thought about auditioning for X factor, you know.' She goes on. Harry coughs lightly, standing up.
'Right mum, thanks for your lovely compliment.' I laughs lightly. She's really nice.
'Why are you really here?' Harry quickly asks her, when he notices me and her laughing.
'Oh right! I came to say that it's time for Isabella to go home. And to offer her a ride.' She says in a surprisingly formal way.

Me and Harry say goodbye to each other, in the hallway. He offered to drive home with me and his mother, but his dad needed him for something else so he couldn't. Which leaves me alone with his mother for the ride home. I can'help but feeling a little nervous about that. Harry doesn't seem like a person to bring girls home with him very often, besides Alice maybe. This could turn into a ....
'Are you coming?' She shouts through the rolled down car window. I let Harry help me put on my coat, because I don't want to make her wait. 'Alright. I'll see you on Monday.' Harry says after I thank him quietly. I nod, playing with my fingers. He pulls me in for a quick hug, making me blush again. He smells nice. 'Oh, you should make up with Alice.' He whispers in my ear. I open my eyes. How does he know about that? Did Alice tell him? When we let each other go I try to hide my nerves and smile at him. Does he know? 'Bye, Harry.'

Harry's mother, Anne, turns on the radio before driving off. I don't even live far away from harry, but with the busy London traffic, it usually takes a while before we get there. I listen to the songs on the radio and the cars rushing by in complete silence. Should I say something? 'So, is it difficult going to a regular school?' Anne eventually asks to break the tension. 'Well, some things require a little getting used to..' I admit. 'But I have friends to help me.' 
'Harry always wants to help everyone.' Anne says proudly. I can imagine that. It sounds exactly like him. 
'And then we have to go left here..' Anne mumbles to herself. Something catches my attention, but I can't really place it. It's a sound, in the distance, moving closer that has something familiar. It gives me a bad feeling. As if something is a bout to happen. 
Is that- ' Anne starts but her breathless question is interrupted by a loud bang. I feel the world around me spin as my head hits the side of the car hard. I scream but the honking cars and screeching tires outweights the sound of my voice. Holding on to whatever I can find, I try to protect my body. I vaguely hear the the radio start another song. There's no time to even think about what's happening when the car suddenly stops moving and I fall forward, with my head on the dashboard, losing conscious. 


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