Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


15. Chapter 15

Lying on my bed, with my head towards the ceiling, I think about what Alice said. I feel bad for fighting with her, but she just doesn't understand. I could never look at myself the same way she looks at me. It's just different watching from this side.
There's a knock on the door. 'Bella?' Kat opens the door slowly and walks inside. I roll onto my side. 'Are you coming?' She asks carefully. I can tell from her voice that she senses that there is something wrong, but isn't sure if she should ask me about it. I kind of expect her to do so tough. 'Yes.' I say, trying to sound happy to go shopping. I sit up straight and feel around on the floor for my shoes. Kat waits for me to get ready, in silence. 'Do you want to talk about?' She eventually asks, after probably having had a debate in her head about it. 'Not really.' I sigh, jumping up from the bed. 'Let's go.' I smile at her, changing the subject quickly. 

Kat drags me along to tons of stores, like she always does. I feel like she enjoys it more than I do, but I'm used to it. We always go shopping first and than we have coffee and pie somewhere. I'm not easy to shop with, I must admit. Ever since the first time she took me shopping, instead of just believing her when she said things looked good on me, I'd ask her to describe to me exactly what I was wearing and what It looked like. After that I'd ask one of the shop assistants what they thought and only then I would buy something. It takes a bit of effort, but at least I have say in what I'm wearing. 

When I get back from shopping with Kat, with two bags of new clothes, that I hope I actually like, my phone starts vibrating in my pocket. Partly hoping it's Alice, I pick it up. 'Hey, Bella.' Harry greets me excitedly on the other line. 'Oh hi Harry.' Kat takes one of the bags out of my hand. I make my way to the kitchen counter and sit down on top of it. 'So, you had a hangover?' Harry jokes, while Kat is standing right next to me. Afraid she might hear our conversation I quickly move from my current position. 'Shut up.' I whisper, leaving the kitchen. He laughs at me. I automatically find my way to the couch and fall down on it. His laugh makes me smile too. It's adorable. 'Anyway, do you still need help with geography?' He tells me the reason why he is calling. It's sweet of him, to help me with school. Normally Kat would do it, but I'd rather have Harry help me. He's better at it.
'I kinda do. But I'll have to tell Kat she doesn't have to help me anymore. She'll be a bit disappointed.' I chuckle. 
'Well, it's your choice. I can pick you up if you want.' 
I think about it for a moment. It's hard to admit to myself that I want to spend time with him. Especially after the conversation with Alice. I don't want this. I don't want to feel like I need someone, but on the other hand: I finally found people that I belong with. 
'Bel, you there?' 
'Oh sorry. Alright, I'll be waiting.' I say, before hanging up. 
'We still need to see if all those clothes really fit.' Kat shouts from the kitchen, probably realising I'm about to go somewhere. I'm not sure what she thinks about my friends. I think she's doesn't even know herself. 
'Sorry! No time. Harry is picking me up in a bit.' I jump up from the couch, suddenly excited. But before I can go upstairs, Kat stops me. 'What do you mean picking you up?' She asks suspiciously. I roll my eyes at her. 'Homework, Kat. It's for homework.' I free my wrist from her hand and turn around again, not waiting for her response. What else would he 'pick me up' for? It's not like he'd ask me out.

Once in my room, I get changed and try to fix my hair. I wish I could see what my face looked like right now. 'It'll have to do.' I sigh, putting on my shoes. When I walk down the stairs, I can sense that Kat is standing in the hall waiting for me, dying to say something. 'Right, I'll wait outside for Harry.' I say, getting my coat. 'Oh, I don't get to say hi to him?' Kat asks curiously. 'Nope.' I kiss her cheek and feel in my pocket if I have my keys. 'Be back before dinner time.'
When I open the door, Kat calls out my name in a more serious tone. I turn around. 'What is it?' 
'You'll be fine Isabella.' She assures me, referring to the problems that I wouldn't tell her about. I nod, smiling. At this moment, I'm glad I have her. She's the closest thing I'll ever come to having a mother. 'Bye.' I say, closing the front door behind me. 
I sit down in a chiar on our porch. After a few minutes I hear footsteps on the steps to our house. 'Hi. You were waiting for me?' Harry hugs me briefly. 'Yes I was.' I chuckle lightly, walking down the front yard with him. 'Well, let's go then.' 


I know it's a bit short, but I felt bad for not updating for so long and idk, I was a bit out of inspiration. I was wondering if you guys want me to switch POV sometime? Maybe that would be interesting, because writing as Isabella is kind of hard, since you can't really describe things. 

So let me know what you think! 

Xoxo KimSascha

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