Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


13. Chapter 13

I feel light on my feet as I throw my hands in the air and spin around a few times moving my hips along with the music. Not just my feet feel light, my head does also. It's like I'm floating in the air, with my eyes closed, so far above the crowd that I can't even hear anybody anymore. Just the familiar beating of the bass in my lungs and my head. I grin widely, thinking about how stupid I must look, barely able to stand still and straight. But at the same time I don't care, because I'm having fun.
Suddenly I feel someone's body standing very close to me. As I try to remember how long it's been there, two arms are wrapped around my waist, causing me to jump a little. I turn around quickly and step away. 'Don't be scared babe.' The guy talking to me sounds drunk too. Again he tries to get his hands around my waist but I step back again, feeling uncomfortable.
I think I hear someone say my name, but I'm not sure. That's until I feel a hand grab my arm. 'Hands off pervert. Isabella, are you coming with me?' It's Alice, sounding very strange and high pitched, or maybe it's just me.
'No, she's dancing with me.' The stranger protests.
'It doesn't freaking look like it.' 
'Just leave us alone. Your friend can take care of herself.' Alice starts to pull me away from the scene.
My friend is coming with me, sweetheart.'  I listen to the loud discussion quietly, feeling both Alice hands close around my right wrist, while the random guy is still holding onto the other one.  
'You know what, I didn't come here for this shit.' He let's go off me, knowing he won't win this,  and apparently disappears into the crowd, probably looking for other girls.
'You ok?' Alice turns to me. I nod. 
Alice drags me into the crowd too. I have no idea where I'm going, but when one of my favourite songs comes, I continue dancing, having almost completely forgotten about the earlier incident. 
'Where are we going?' I giggle, not sure what I even find so funny. 'Outside, get some fresh air.' She yells in my ear. 'You don't have to yell Alice, I can hear you perfectly.' I'm not entirely sure if I'm talking really loud or really quietly, but either way I'm taken away from the dancefloor by her. I just let it all come over me and without protesting follow her outside.. It feels like I have been hear for ages and I start to wonder what time it is. It must be really late. Realising, this might be what they call being drunk, I decide that some fresh air would not be a bad idea. In any other case, I'd be freaking out right now, but with the alcohol floating through my veins It's not really sinking into me. 

I let the cold wind blow through my hair and face, and stretch out my arms in the middle of the street at the back of the club. 'That's nice.' I whisper to myself, still giggling. 'I think you might have given her a few too many of those drinks.' Harry tries to sound serious, but he must find the image of me standing there in the alley, like I'm on Titanic, quite amusing, because the seriousness immediately disappears from his voice. 'I barely gave her anything! She's just a really bad drinker.' Alice laughs. I nod agreeing with her. 'I think I am Harry. I think I am.' Nothing takes away the huge smile on my face. 
Nothing except for the sudden sickness and stomach ache I start to feel. I let my arms fall and shuffle to the wall, reaching for the stones with my hands, while Harry and Alice are still chatting about my drunkenness. 'Bella, are you okay?' Harry eventually puts her hand on my shoulder. I only manage to shake my head, confirming that I'm not feeling alright, before I throw up on the ground. 
'Grab her hair!' Alice shouts out. My hair is pulled back by Harry, who curses underneath his breath. Alice on the other hands laughs at me. 'God, Isabella. You really are terrible at drinking.' She says when I stand up straight and take a deep breath. There's an awkward silence, before all three of us laugh. I thank Harry for holding back my hair and step away from the wall. 
Harry puts his arm around my when he sees me stagger. 
'Let's find Ben and Matt and go home.'

The feeling I had before is completely gone when when me and Alice reach her house. It has been replaced with a small headache and sleepiness. I feel as terrible as I must look. Matt and Ben laughed too when they heard about me form Harry. None of the others had gotten more than tipsy, and then there was me throwing up and everything. I feel embarrassed. 'Shhh, my parents are asleep.' Alice whispers in my ear, pushing me inside. I follow her upstairs and fall down on her bed before doing anything else. I didn't realise how much my feet hurt because of those heels until now.  I kick the out and close my eyes. 'Don't fall asleep just yet, you still got your dress and make up on.' 
I sigh heavily, not wanting to get up. Still lying on the bed I try to take off my dress, causing Alice to laugh. 'I'll help you.' She walks over to give me a hand. 'I'll take off your make-up.' I close my eyes when Alice starts to take of my eye-shadow and eyeliner, while I'm still lying on her bed. 
'God my feet hurt.' 
'Did you at-least have fun tonight?' 
'Yes. I did actually.' 
When she's done, I close my eyes again and fall asleep, crawled up on her bed, immediately.


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