Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


11. Chapter 11

'When all hope seemed lost and dawn was further away for the world of men than ever before, a call from within the heart brought the people together, bound to an old oath that they would fulfill, they stood by each other's side and defeated the enemy and waited for a new sun to rise.' The pavement stretches out in front of you, and though you're moving, cars rush by, because they're simply faster than you. 'I wish they would talk about that in class.' I sigh, knowing the Lord of the Rings is not exactly a subject the school would approve of. 'I think it's much more inspiring than fall of the Roman empire.' Alice agrees. (I'm sorry for my obsession with LOTR) 'I've heard that story a thousand times and every time I hear it they're being defeated. They just can't get it right.' She adds sarcastically. After a few seconds both of us burst out in laughter. 'I'll ask the principle, if they can come up with some new stories for class.' I say strolling down the sidewalk.

'Oh there he is.' Alice says when she spots the car we were waiting for. Her brother promised to pick us up and drop us off at my house, before he goes to his band practice. According to Alice he's a bit...alternative. 'Even more than me.' She said after I told her it was kind of a weird thing for her to say. And she was right. As soon as the car approaches, loud rock music fills the air. I wonder what people around us must be thinking and laugh behind my hand. Hanging out with Alice is definitely something. 'Hey little sister!' A male voice shouts above the music. 'What's up?' Alice guides my hand along the car until I've reached the door of the back. Inside the music is even louder and a heavy beat is drumming on my chest. ( You know when you're at a party and you literally feel the bass and stuff in your chest and long. It's so weird.) Strangely enough, the song sounds familiar, even though I never listen to this type of music. Luckily, Jake turns down the music when Alice tells him to. She's never been to keen on his music taste either.

'So, where do I need to go?' Jake has a different sound to his voice than I expected. His voice is higher and soften than I had imagined. The way he speaks to Alice makes me smile. I wish I had a brother sometimes. 'Turn left here.' Alice navigates him through town to my house as I sit in the backseat quietly, listening to the music which is now only a background sound to Alice and Jake's voices. 'This is Isabella, by the way.' I'm brought up into the conversation and smile awkwardly. 'Nice to meet you, Isabella.' He says formally. It's interesting when people you have a certain image of in your head, turn out to be quite different form what you expected. Jake is one of those types. Altough Alice did not exaggerate when she described him. 'Nice to meet you too.' I reply, smiling politely. 'I like your hair. When did you do that?' Jake refers to Alice newly coloured hair. It used to be brown but she went full on red two days ago. I wish I could see it for myself. It sounds awesome. She went back to brown when she came over to meet Kat, to give a better first impression. I kind of feel bad for Kat that she doesn't really know who I'm hanging out with, but on the other hand: she would never approve.

'We're here.' Alice informs me and her brother. 'Wow, fancy place, you got.' He comments, upon seeing the house. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when people say that. 'Thanks.' The car slows down and stop, but the engine keeps running. 'Okay, see you later.' Alice opens the car door to get out. 'Hey, Bella. I thought you said no one was home?' She stops in the middle of getting out of the car. 'I did.' I say confused. 'I'm pretty sure I just saw a man looking through the window.' She whispers. My eyes become wide as fear creeps through my head. Dad. 'It's my dad. I totally forgot.' I curse beneath my breath as I get out of the car myself. My dad had come home in the middle of the night and I hadn't seen him this morning, because he was asleep. Immediately the volume in the car is turned up again and the music blasts through the street. I shake my head, frightened to meet my dad under these circumstances.

As if he knew I was thinking about him, I can hear the front door of the house being unlocked. 'Act normal.' I whisper to Alice while her brother drives away, taking his music with him. 'Isabella.'My dad says my name. I hear him walk down the steps and come closer. It's not just a way of greeting me. I know that sound behind it. It's the ''Isabella, we need to talk.'' kind of sound. Pretending nothing is going on, I fake a smile at my dad. 'Hi dad, how was your trip. 'Who's your friend here?' He ignores me and turns to Alice. 'This is Alice.' I introduce them to each other, reluctantly. An awkward silence follows after Alice greets him politely. ofcourse he's looking at her hair, at her brother at the music, at me.. 'Why did you do that?' He asks, but I'm not sure what he's talking about and whom he's speaking to. 'What, sir?'Alice replies confused. 'Dye your hair...that colour.' I nervously play with my hands, waiting to disappear in the ground and take my friends with me, to protect them from this judge-mental unfair world. but I also realise I need to end this conversation right now. 'We'll be upstairs.' I grab Alice arm and drag her up to the house, passing my dad without saying another word. 'Isabella, wait.' He stops me when we've almost reached the doorsteps, unfortunately. I know what's coming and I wish I had the courage to just ignore him and walk away, but I know I don't. 'Can you leave us for a moment?' I whisper to Alice. 'Okay.' She says hesitantly and disappears inside without me. Upon hearing her footsteps on the stairs I turn around. 'Kat, has told me about your...friends.' My dad's footsteps sound heavy on the pavement. 'What about them dad?' I don't want him to read the indifferent expression of my face, so I drop my head to the ground. 'Why them, Isabella? Why not some of the more normal kids?' His voice is cold and careless. I can't believe what I'm hearing. 'Being different and colouring your hair makes you not normal?' I scoff. The anger floating through my veins. How could my own dad be so ignorant? 'I let you go to a normal school because I thought it would be good for you, but I'm not so sure now..' He sighs, pretending not to hear me. 'Oh, so I am normal? Did you expect me to be popular or something?' I throw my arms in the air in frustration. 'Do I look normal to you?!' The tears start to burn behind my eyes, even though I try to control my anger. 'Don't talk to me like that!' My dad has gotten angry too, but he doesn't understand. He never does. 'I want what's best for you!' I can't see him, but I can imagine his face, and the finger he's pointing at me, like he used to when I was little. Hopelessly, I look up at him. 'You know nothing dad.' I whisper to him, calmly. 'You know nothing about me. You never have.' Surprisingly the tears and anger are fading away as I accept the fact that this is my life. And this is the relationship I'll always have with my dad: Living in the same house but never together. Never understanding each other's feelings.

I can hear in his breathing that he's stunned, not sure what to say now. Before he can respond, I turn around and leave him outside. He doesn't call my name or follows me.


FINALLY I UPDATED I HATE MYSELF FOR TAKING SO LONG I REALLY DO AND I'M SORRY. Still hope you like this chapter though:) Xoxo KimSascha

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