Colours- Harry Styles romance

After an accident, Isabella became blind. With a father on the road and no real friends, life can be lonely.. But when she turns back to a real school, instead of being home- schooled Isabella meets the friends she's always been looking for. They show her what's behind her bedroom walls. She also finds out that life as a normal teenage girl isn't as easy as it seems.


10. Chapter 10

'So, can I go?' Kat sighs deeply, the sound of her knife hitting the cutting board stops. 'I don't know...' She mumbles, continuing cutting the vegetables in pieces. 'Oh come on! You've had an entire day to think about it. And you've seen yourself that they're no drug addicts.' I try to convince her with all my heart. 'I don't actually know that yet.' She points out. 'You know what I mean, Kat.' I respond annoyed. 'I think you should let her go.' Joe joins the conversation from his current position at the table in the other room. Apparently he has overheard our discussing and in my head I thank him for helping me trying to convince Kat. I like that kid. There's a silent for a minute while Kat clearly debates the pros and cons in her head, before she finally gives in. 'Alright, alright.' I jump off the kitchen counter excited and hug Kat. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.' I kiss her cheek before leaving the kitchen so she doesn't have the time to change her mind. 

That morning me and Joe decide to walk to school together, instead of having Kat bring us, since it is a sunny day. I like every type of weather actually. I like the warm sunshine on my body, but I also enjoy the sound of rain. I guess it's because I can't see how sad everything looks during a storm. I just listen to it. 'I'm glad you like school.' Joe shakes me out of my thoughts after we've been walking in complete silence for a few minutes. 'Yeah. It's nice to finally go to a normal school.' I mumble, thinking about the incident the other day. And how it already changed me. I have been used to people pitying me, but not people disliking me for my disability. It's an interesting change in approach from the outside world, and I'm actually quite frightened of it.
'So that Harry guy is your friend.' It doesn't sound like he's asking me a question, but he's definitely expecting an answer. But slightly confused by his comment, I remain silent. 'You were staring at him quite a lot yesterday.' He continues with a light chuckle in his voice. I now know where he's trying to go and think of a good response. 'Tell me, Joe.' I say trying to get a genuine puzzled look on my face. 'How exactly am I supposed to ''stare'' at someone?' I turn my head to him. He doesn't know what to say about it and our conversation ends when his friends meet us, around the corner of the school, and he says goodbye to me. Walking the last bit alone, I think about his comment. Was I really 'staring' at Harry? I hadn't noticed it at all. But what if Harry had? I suddenly feel a bit awkward thinking about meeting with him during lunch break. But a little voice inside my head tells me to shake it off, since Joe is probably just messing around. I could see him do that. 

I find my way to my locker quite easily this time. Unfortunately I'm still When I walk into math class I take my seat next to Alice. This is the one subject I don't enjoy in school and that makes me sad. But no one enjoys mr. Harrison. I wonder what's up with that man. It's like every time he walks into class he drains all the positivity out of the air and everyone who was laughing becomes silent. And he it goes this time. 'Back to your seats!' The door is slammed shut and hasty footsteps sound behind me. 'I'm going to do a homework check, so get your books out.' I wonder what he looks like while I bend down to open my bag. 'Alice, can you get my books?' I ask silently. 'Yeah sure.' She stands up and goes through my bag, as I cannot see which books belong with each subject. I thank her when she places them in front of me. 'What does Harrison look like?' I whisper to her while he's in the back of the class, yelling at someone for not finishing their homework. 'He looks old and bored.' She states, her voice filled with hatred. 'And he's bald.' She adds. I try to imagine him and giggle. 'I'd almost say, I'm glad that I'm blind.' We both start laughing until we notice mr. Harrison is standing right behind us. 'No laughing in my class.' Neither of us say anything. 'Homework.' He grabs our notebooks and I quietly thank God that he didn't hear our conversation. 

'Anyway, what did Kat think of us?' Alice says a little later, when we're supposed to work quietly. Smart as she is, she came up with an excuse for us to talk. We work together, because I can't do it on my own and even mr. Harrison couldn't forbid that. 'She said I can go with you, to that party.' I whisper, trying to look busy. 'Great.' Alice sounds excited. I imagine that Kat will have a list of rules ready for me, when I come home. 'What kind of party is it anyway?' I have never been to a party before and I don't really know what to expect. 'Oh, just a party. Music, dancing, cute boys..' Alice describes it to me. Her voice softening and becoming whispery as if she's dreaming away. It's not the first time she's done that. The boys sometimes throw stuff at her so she'll snap out of it. 'Well that sounds nice.' I say concentrating back on the math problem in front of me. 

You have to understand: it's quite difficult writing a story from someone's point of view who's not able to describe what things look like. That's why I might use a second point of view later in the story. 

Xoxo KimSascha 

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