A Note From Heaven


1. A Note From Heaven


A Note From Heaven



Her parents loved her very much
They let her wear pants
because dresses were too itchy for her.


She had no friends but she
was okay on her own
because she had a book and a pen.


It was in middle school she heard
the word "faggot" first
because she had short hair and no boobs.


She asked her parents, and cried when
she found out what it meant
because she wasn't sure if it was true.


She cried and cried but society told
her that she was beautiful
because she was special in her own way.


Her grades were perfect and her
parents were proud
because she finally had found her way.


But bullies harmed her with fists
and with their words
because she was worthless and weak.


Her smiles became fake but her
parents didn't notice
because she lied and said she was "okay".


They got a new girl in her class
and she was pretty
because she had long hair and big boobs.


The girl introduced her as "Lucy"
and she smiled so brightly
because she was perfect and she was loved.


Lucy was the first girl she kissed
and she loved it
because she finally felt like she was whole.


Lucy told everybody that she was a faggot
and they beat her
because she was disgusting and always had been.


She looked herself in the mirror and didn't 
know what to think because society
told her she was pretty but taught her otherwise.


She cried and cried until she found
a razor in  the cabinet
because maybe this could be her savior.


The first cut was a test, the second a secret
the 100th was the last    
and maybe she died but maybe she didn't.

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