Falling for Tomlinson

A one Direction fan fiction about a girl called Samantha. Sammy for short. Sammy finds herself literally clinging to Louis for life. As she lays under the 1D tour bus Louis gives her the kiss of life. As she joins them on what they call there final tour?


1. Running away

Sammys P.O.V

I have to get away from her. My mother. She's the number 1 fan of... 1 Direction. She took me to see them. If I didn't go I know I would have regretted it. She would threaten me while getting drunk all the time. She would pin me by my neck swearing that she would get to marry Louis Tomlinson. I have to admit he is the cutest of them all. We're standing at the front watching them sing. Is Harry gay? My mum shouted far to loud and got evil glares later taken out on me.


But who cares Louis would never look twice at me. With my long thick chocolate brown hair. My tiny eyes and big figure. I'm not skinny. At all. I weigh 13 stone at the age of 15 at 5 foot 5". Oh no mums taking me backstage this can't be good.



Louis P.O.V.

That girl. The one with beautiful long hair. Amazing hazel eyes. Perfect shape. Her mother grabbed her hair and dragged her back stage. She's gorgeous I hope she won't be Harry's 1 night stand again. The boys and I wandered backstage to find the gorgeous girl standing there and her not so gorgeous goofy looking large figured ogre oh sorry I mean... mum. The mum winked at me and looked me up and down. She looked furious as I turned my head to look at the beautiful girl who was staring at me. She saw me looking at her she quickly looked away. She is so adorable I decided to man up and talk to her. "Hi, nice to meet such a beautiful young girl what's your name?"


Sammys P.O.V 

Oh my God!!! Louis Tomlinson. Called me beautiful. I quickly responded with "Samantha but everyone calls me Sammy" oh no I can feel my cheeks blushing. He quickly smiled and bid me farewell. As he hopped into the bus after Harry as he turned and winked at me my mum grabbed my hair and threw me in front of there now moving bus luckily the bus wasn't moving quickly but my ribs smacked the side and I was fighting for a breath.


Louis P.O.V

That bitch! I ran out of the bus and held Sammy in my arms her pale face in my chest. I kissed her head as watching her mother being dragged away. Harry called the ambulance as Niall and Liam calmed Sammy and Zayn comforted me. He saw the pain in my eyes. " I think I'm in love" the words fell from my mouth. As the ambulance pulled in we helped her in and followed her to the hospital. 


Zayns P.O.V

" I think I'm in love" he cried to me. I could tell he was. His cheeks were red and he even winked at her. He deserves it after what he has been through.




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