Falling for Tomlinson

A one Direction fan fiction about a girl called Samantha. Sammy for short. Sammy finds herself literally clinging to Louis for life. As she lays under the 1D tour bus Louis gives her the kiss of life. As she joins them on what they call there final tour?


3. Louis story

Zayns P.O.V

"Bro I know what happened when you where younger" I said to Louis. "What how do you know?!?" He screamed. I read his diary... yes he keeps a dairy so what. When he was little he watched someone who looked just like Sammy get murdered but he didn't help her. I feel so sorry for him. Before I get to answer his question he storms of to find Harry. I feel so bad now maybe I should talk to sammy.


Sammys P.O.V

Zayn popped his head round the door and asked to talk to me. I told him he could as I was incredibly bored he told me about the other girl and tears welled up in my eyes. Zayn hugged me till I stop crying and kissed my forehead. I blushed and quickly shot up. "I'm sorry are you and Louis going out yet?" The words quickly fell from his mouth. "Yet? I never new he liked me... why me..." I started blabbering. I shut up. He had a cheesy grin and ran from the room. A minute later he popped his head around and said "do you like him?" He Cleary understood it was a yes because I blushed like crazy. Louis is amazing, funny and I can't forget... he's about to be mine.


Louis P.O.V

Zayn ran up to me and hugged me tightly. "She loves you dude!" He practically screamed in my ear. I blushed and ran into her. Literally. I was running down the hall and she was turning around the corner. We collided and my hand landed on her arse. She blushed and asked if I was ok. "No I'm not ok!" I preached. I reached across and kissed her smooth gentle lips. She kissed me passionately back. "Now I'm ok" I whispers back. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the movie room. We didn't care what was l playing we were to busy ;)... She really is beautiful and I couldn't make something like that up. "Sammy will you be my girlfriend?" I whispered into her ear. She frowned and looked down... WHAT!!! "Yes" she smirked. I'm gonna get her for that...


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