Dave finds himself in a pickle married to Autumn with two kids and the other woman Alice she the naughtier version of Autumn, find out what happens in the book!?


3. The wife

I start to feel the guilt "what was I thinking ,why would I do that to my wife , oh my god what will I tell her , she'll want a divorce", I got in my car hitting myself in the head , my phone starts ringing , it's my wife , what will I do, I pick it up"hello?",I said ,"hey Dave when are u coming home", Autumn said in a sad voice ," oh Hun I'm coming now", I said in a sad voice "ok well we need to talk when you get home ", she said ," ok well I need to go now bye see you at home ", I say *click*, I started to cry.

I started to drive thinking of why we needed to talk , 10 minutes later I finally arrived at home , sitting in my car for a couple of seconds , I finally get out and head for the door nervous as ever.

Autumns point of view

He finally gets home ," hey hunny ", I say happily ,Dave walks over to me and kisses me then hugs me , I could tell he was upset ," what's wrong dave?",I curiously ask ,"nothing... I just missed you ", Dave cried , "the kids are at there auntie skylars house so we can talk", I say , we head upstairs and go to our room Dave gets on our bed and lays there " so would you ever cheat on me?" I questioned , " no... Never , would you ever cheat on me?" Dave asks ," no I love you way to much your my one and only", I smile and kiss him , Dave smiles then bites his lip, "oh my god I love it when he does that it's so hot", I thought .

Sex seen btw

Dave looks at me and kisses me passionately, I look at him and he smiles I lay on the bed "I'm sorry I haven't gave you any attention today I have just been stressed", I say upset , Dave looks at me "don't be I'm sorry for not giving you love like my vows say ", I smile , Dave gets on top of me and kisses me passionately more then the other kiss , he takes my shirt off then takes his off I feel his abs, he smiles then unbuttons my pants , I unbutton his pants he kisses me then takes my pants off , he takes his off , he pulls my underwear down and I pull his down , by now we are naked .

Dave is thrusting into me , I'm grabbing his back trying to hold on to him , he kisses me , he go's faster I moan,20 minutes later ,Dave is sleeping beside me , cuddling me , I get up and go to the bathroom , I go pee the put some clothes on ( tank top and panties).

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