Dave finds himself in a pickle married to Autumn with two kids and the other woman Alice she the naughtier version of Autumn, find out what happens in the book!?


5. The News

Dave's point of view

I went to my boss,"I'm gonna go home I don't feel good", I lied , "ok just get some rest"Mr Lincoln said , so I got my stuff and noticed Alice was gone , I smiled , I left , I got in my car and saw Alice ," what the Fuck are you doing here",I yelled," just admit you love me and we can go to my house and make love",she said , " I don't love you and I never will , now get out of my car ,NOW!!!"I said pisstoff ,"fine your just an asshole", I drove away really fast.

Autumns point of view

Got out of my car and walked into the drugstore , I walked over to the baby section to find a pragnantce test , so I bought 2 and I drive home , I saw Dave's car , I put the tests in my purse , I sat outside for a couple of minutes , then I walked inside , " hey Hun what's up ", he said ," oh nothin I just gotta go bathroom", I say, I run to the bathroom and lock the door and grab one ,...20 Minutes later , I look at it and" it has a plus sign witch means I'm pregnant ", I smiled , I got out of the bathroom and ran to Dave , I hugged him and kissed him "oh I love you so much Dave", I excitedly say, "call everyone I have great news", Dave had a confused face "ok but why ", he asked , "I'm well pregnant ", I smiled , Dave has a giant smile on his face " your my baby ", he talk to my tummy .

He picked up the phone and called everyone ,

1 hour later

Kyle and Amanda were playing blocks together ,"Listen up the newly wedds need to tell us something ", " thanks mom ,well ok I have great news and so does Dave , I'll go first , ok guys I'm preg" *knock*whos that I asked Dave " I don't know I'll go check ", Dave opened the door and it was James Franco his brother, Dave hugged him and they came to the living room .

"Hey James" I said , "hey what's up girl", James said then hugged me " well I was just gonna tell everyone some good news ", I said , "oh ok go on", James said "as I was saying I'm pregnant ", u smile then laughed ,skylar jumped up and hugged me then followed by my mom and dad and Dave's parents .

Dave's point of view

"Ok guys I have some good news to ,.....I'm quitting my job and becoming an actor ", James jumped up and so did Zach they hugged me and so did skylar and my parents , everyone let go and Autumn kissed me and hugged me, she started to cry in joy , Kyle said "what I don't want another sister ", Amanda said "great I don't want another brother like Kyle", we laught and 3 hours later everyone left Kyle fell asleep on James , James stayed the night , me and Autumn were never this happy before and now we are.

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